Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dreaming in Black and White

So, the exciting news is that we are rebuilding our garage to house cars on the bottom (duh) and a studio for our artistic and antique-y pursuits over the top (a second floor). It should be done this spring. Of course, being the decorating sort that I am, I've been dreaming of how the interior will look. Its essentially a garage apartment with a small bath and small kitchen and one biggish space. I have been pretty true to the French salon inspiration, but have been pondering the details. I have a few small French antique pieces tucked away here and there, awaiting placement when the time comes as well as some statuary and architectural pieces. I'd also like to make this space the home of my crown collection. All the while, I must also leave myself room to create and have the nuts and bolts of an art studio in place. For a long time, I've wanted to have an all white or cream and white space, but as I am out in cyberspace, gathering ideas, I come across the black and white theme. I've always loved a bit of black in every room...I think it really adds some needed punch, even in a relatively pastel environment, but this is a bit more than that. Looking at these photos, I'm starting to think there might be a change in tack. If not for the studio, then perhaps in the main house (wow, that makes our place sound so grand...believe me, it isn't!). Maybe the downstairs bathroom...maybe the upstairs bathroom...hmmmmmmmmm. Dreaming in black and white...who knew it could be so VIVID??? Well, I must get ready to go to work so this train of thought will have to be put aside for the moment. If anyone wants to send me some super inspirational links for a French salon/art studio/garage apartment, please feel free!

Until next time,
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  1. Hi sounds wonderful...your dreams...your plans! :)

  2. I've always LOVED black and white, especially the diamond floors. I've been working on the same idea for my new sunroom.

  3. Hi Judy I love black and white alot too. I want to put tile like in the pic in my entry but first I need to knock out a closet.
    I'm sure it will be beautiful.

  4. Such pretty ideas! I love black and white floors, my kitchen and dining room have them. We are about to start a new kitchen project, starting with covering all the walls with beadboard. I love your ideas, too!

  5. we are on the SAME you well know....


    stop on over for some black and white

  6. How lucky are you!!! What a great space it is going to be.

    thanks for your comment today - I loved the before pictures as much as the after too!!!

  7. just love the black and white theme and the Frenchness of it.i also like to add black in a room for punch.
    I truly love a white room and the serentity of it but it doesn't always suite my family's lifestyle so I've kept that theme for my bedroom.

    Hav\e fun planning ....I'm green with envy. I'd kill for a studio. Almost got one but we ended up renting out our old house.


  8. Black, white and pink toille is my favorite. What a dream fulfilled...a studio! According to my husband I've made several studios in our home. Only because I spread my projects out across them.
    Please keep us posted on the developments.

    Sweet wishes,


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