Monday, December 22, 2008

A glimpse into what I do...

Thought you might enjoy seeing a few of the broken china mosaic pieces I have done. The pretty scrolly shelf, titled "French Quarter" is available for sale at under the Garden and Architecture section. The technique of using broken china, tile shards, etc. is called Pique Assiette and it is one of my favorite ways to mosaic although stained glass is pretty darn fun, too. I use old architectural pieces as much as possible for my broken china mosaics since I am an architectural salvage JUNKIE!

This is one of the sparkly belt buckles I made for a local boutique called Envi. They are constructed of TONS of pieces of vintage jewelry. I have loved making and wearing these wonderful repurposed pieces and, fortunately, they've been quite successful for me. People just love a dash of bling to add to their jeans or other attire. Fashion that's really pretty AND really "green"...who knew?

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  1. Stunning I just saw these shoes on Kimberly's blog!
    I love the shoes down below too..I will have to pick up that magazine! Stampington,sommerset Studios asked for a photo of my Merry Marie shoe for their Artful Bloggers issue is it out yet? I also sent in a Marie shoe for their new Marie magazine due out in spring!! Love your mosaics!
    Merry Xmas

  2. i thought you might like to know about the wonderful little movie i made called "the french laundress". it's a children's film but very sweet and charming.....for any age really. you can see more about it on my etsy store, sunflowerhouse. i love your blog, so pretty!

  3. Hey Miss Judy...I'm so glad you started a blog! As you can tell I have been slacking a bit with mine lately! xo Shannon


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