Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just checking in...again.

Hi friends!  Hope you all have been well.  I want to start off by saying I have been working my butt off pulling up carpet and stripping off 2 layers of wallpaper that has been covered by 2 layers of paint.  Yes, it is worth it.  I am doing it for my big little son so he can have his own room that isn't a pit.  And it is worth it because 12 years ago, I promised this old house (107 or so years old) that I would save it and help return it to its former simple beauty that existed before idiots came along and did their best to screw it up.  I am making small steps, but steps nonetheless. 

Sigh...I haven't taken my children to the pool as much as I would have liked.  I haven't been to even one free concert or farmer's market.  Fifi and Mark have not been round to visit MY house.  I haven't taken a picture in I don't know how long.  I haven't made any mosaic art in even longer.  But I'm okay.  One step at a time.  I am a crummy blogger in that I don't document every step of everything I do, but I love this old house, and one of these days, I will have some pictures of the "after" to share with you.  If I am actually willing to share them with you, it will be a miracle, because this redo is literally on a shoestring budget.  BUT hope springs eternal, so bear with me. Later today,  I'm taking my kiddos up to the mountains for a little fun for several days, so I will be out of the loop even more (no computer access-yikes!  I haven't gone "computerless" in a LONG time).

PROUD MOMMA ALERT:  In a photo that I did manage to shoot this summer, I have a picture of my gardening boys showing off the fruits (or would that be vegetables?) of their labors that the pesky squirrels didn't manage to make off with.  Radishes...yum.  They were so proud.  I think they tasted extra good.  From my little boys' hands to our that's summery goodness!

Until next time,

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Just checking in...and some garden tour pics

Hi Blogging Friends,

It's been a long are you?  I am just taking a little moment to check in so you don't think I've fallen off of the planet.  I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that our garden was on a garden tour at the end of June.  It was a lot of work getting ready for it, especially since it was the weekend immediately following the mutha of all garage sales (which went well, by the way...YAY!), but it was worth it.  Now we get to enjoy our beautiful yard SANS junk and clutter for the rest of the summer.  I thought I'd share several photos of our home and outdoor space since I don't think I've ever done that before.  I didn't spend much (any) time sprucing up the pictures, so they are pretty much straight off the camera.  Award winning photos....well, not this time, but I really want to get a post out there before I have to move on to my next project for the day. :-)

On our front porch by the door, this sweet angel welcomes you. 

Also sharing space on the front porch is my antique European goat cart that is carrying a huge geranium that my husband overwintered from last year.  Yes, that is ONE pot!

As you look at the side of the house, you see the meandering flagstone path taking you to our backyard and large gazebo type covered deck.

My husband's attempt at being artsy.  I like it!  Cute AND Zen inspired!

Asiatic Lily

Rocky Mountain Blue Columbines, one of our favorites...


One of my favorites, lavender, with a little concrete bunny peaking out.

Another "critter"

My favorite spot to hang out all summer long in the form of our outdoor living room.  Pardon the pillow in disarray, but apparently Mazie the cat didn't like it the way I had it.  She says, "Meow" to mommy's blogging pals.

My shelf holding several of my mosaic pieces as well as an old quilt which has on more than one occasion been used to wrap up in as one or more napped on the couch.  I love decorating my outdoor space just like an indoor space.  It makes for a very cozy and welcoming spot for friends and family alike.

One of my favorite projects, a chandelier dewired, rusted up with my favorite Sophisticated Finishes patina solution, topped with glass globes, blinged up with some old chandelier crystals, and filled with little fresh flower posies.  I usually have candles in them, but dressed it up this way for the garden tour since it was during the day, obviously.  My husband and kids think I'm weird to have a chandlier outside, but I know you gals get it, don't you?  Of course you do!

 My little collection of old vases and flowers pots.  Most of them are McCoy, but some are just unknown beauties.  I don't generally plant any flowers in them just because with our extremely dry climate, you have to water little pots like these probably twice a day and that just doesn't fit in with my life right now.  It's okay though, I enjoy them just as is.

I call our house "Doodlehaven".  It's really just a joke, but one time I was working an estate sale for a family that was from back east, old money.  We were looking at the family's album of old pictures and their history and we noticed that people that have money always have a name for their home.  These were very stately sounding names like "Pine Crest" or "Ravenswood", you get the picture.  Anyway, we of lesser means began giving our own homes names.  My boss lives in a 30's Tudor style bungalow and she said her house could be "Tudorcrest" or something like that.  I said my momma used to call me "Doodle" when I was a little girl, so my house would be "Doodlehaven".  I got some very pretty cracked china from the estate sale, one of which had been purchased from Tiffanys so I had to make a mosaic nameplate for the house.  And there you have it.   Doodlehaven.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a little mini tour of our outdoor space.  

We're in the middle of ripping out the nasty carpet that was in our upstairs.  Every room, carpet glued to the 100+ year old hardwood floors.  Yes, I said GLUED.  Can you imagine?  Anyway, when we bought the house, we were told the floors upstairs were in "pretty rough condition".  Well, after removing the nasty carpet, scrapping rubber backing, and sanding it down (one room down, 3 to go, plus a hallway and stairs), it looks pretty darn good.  I can't even guess when I'll have pictures for you, but I will share some, I promise.  I guess you know what I'll be doing instead of blogging!

Until next time,

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