Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Does anyone REALLY know what time it is? A collection...

When I first started blogging, I stated a desire to share some of my own favorite collections with you. As promised, here is the first of those collections, my vintage rhinestone clocks. I have other clocks as well, but for now, we'll stick with the sparkly ones. This collection is one that is not only beautiful to look at, but is rather humorous to me, as well. It has nothing to do with the uniqueness of the collection, because, as you are probably well aware, collecting vintage rhinestone clocks has becomes so popular, its almost a cliche'. What is funny about little moi collecting clocks is...I'm always running late! My time challenge, as my husband calls it, is something that I've been wrangling with for years. Now I know its rude, inconsiderate, annoying, and sometimes all of the above to be late. I KNOW! I just can't seem to shake trying to cram too many things in too little time. On a good day, I'm not late...I'm never, and I mean NEVER early. My parents were always early, my children seem to have the propensity for being early or, at least, on time. It must skip a generation because I think my siblings also suffer from this affliction. So, you can see why having clocks as one of my collections is sort of funny. But, as would be fitting, I can tell you that most of them DON'T WORK! Of course, they don't...they're mine!

Above is one of my favorites from France. Love the detail on it.

Another favorite...so pretty and pink.

Most of the ones on the shelf are either Cyma or Semca and are from the 1940's through the 1960's.

I have to say that the simple round Cyma in the center with just large clear rhinestones is one of my first acquisitions and it is still amongst my favs. Perhaps some other post, I'll share a few more closeups. When I'm not pressed for time, that is!

Until next time,

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  1. what a nice Idea...and a very exclusive collection...I have never heard of anyone collecting those clocks....from now on I will try to find zome on flea markets...

  2. I'm headed out to the thrift shop...you always spark a thot with me.

    This is a charming post

  3. Miss Judy~ These crystal and rhinestone clocks are such a beautiful reminder of collecting time well spent. You almost wouldn't mind being late looking at the hour from all those sparkles.

    Sweet Wishes,

  4. the best clock i have is one that simply says "whatever" across the face...with hands that go backward...
    a gift from loving family!

    Sure adore your collection!

  5. Judy, what a delightful collection! I love the fact that you're late and collect clocks. LOL! You need a collection of March Hares to go with! ;-)

    Thanks for sharing these. I'm always interested in what other people collect. These are not only pretty, but they are whimsical which I love.


    Sheila :-)

  6. Love, Love, Love your collection. Also your talented displays, especially the white shelf display. Your blog is wonderful and while I enjoy all of the recycled media photos floating around out there, I really appreciate posts with original content and photography like this one. Keep collecting!

    "J" @ French-Kissed.com

  7. Wow, what a pretty collection! I didn't know there were so many different rhinestone clocks out there. I better pick up the pace in my searching! You have a wonderful blog, I love all the pictures!


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