Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Do you ever see a photo that sums up the way you are feeling just perfectly?  This one does it for me.  I love the ocean.  The light sparkling on the water and the sand beneath my feet, waves crashing, all make me feel alive, peaceful, and grateful.  But that same ocean, when viewed on a stormy day is another thing altogether.  I feel small and insignificant and vulnerable. Suddenly the life that exists below the surface which at another time might be interesting and delightful becomes disconcerting and scary, dark and unknown.  The beach becomes a place where I feel very unsettled and fearful, afraid of what the storm that lurks may bring.    

This life that I love and live has been flip flopping a lot for me lately.  One day, it is the sunny beach where everything seems possible and the next day (or sometimes even the same day), it becomes the stormy sea where everything seems so impossible.  I feel so incredibly inadequate and wonder if I can keep my head above water.  I feel fragile, yet I know that I possess inner strength.  I feel alone and yet, I know that I am never alone as I have my family and my heavenly Father with me.  I feel scared of the unknown, yet exhiliarated by the possibilities that exist in the unknown.  Maybe this is what it is to really experience life, I'm not sure.  I've had bouts with mild depression, but it doesn't really feel like isn't quite that hopeless and sad.  It's more scary, but in a reflective way if that makes any sense.  Maybe it's my age.  Maybe its menopause (highly likely).  Whatever it is, I am sure, this too, shall pass, but for now, I'm going to try to see what I'm supposed to be seeing.  I know that God has ways of showing us what we need to look at if only we open our eyes.  I'm going to try to conquer my fear and open my eyes to really see. 

You know I lurk your blogs a lot, many times not commenting, just reading and pondering.  You gals (and a few guys) are a great community and a great support group.  I am not always the best at communicating it to you, especially when I feel a bit overwhelmed, but know that I appreciate you putting yourselves out here in Blogland and I feel your love and light, even though I've never met most of you.  I'll be back with more light fare one of these days, but for now, thanks for letting me get out of my comfort zone and take an uncharacteristic swim in the deep end of the pool.  It's where I am right now.

Until next time,

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Can Ya Help a Blogger Out?

While doing a little surfing market research tonight, I stumbled upon an online store I'd not seen before, VivaTerra.  They have some very cool things and I like their philosophy as reflected in their "about us" section of their website:

"Our name VivaTerra or living earth is inspired by our dedication to living in harmony with nature - for a healthier life now and for future generations. All of our products reflect a commitment to:
ecology and elegance: The finest goods that uniquely fuse exceptional quality and design with eco sensitivities.
organic, sustainable sources: The purest ingredients and sustainable resources possible - selected to be the best available.
earth and people friendly: Partners and suppliers who share our values and work to make a positive difference in the world.
handcrafted by artisans: Distinctive goods of uncommon value, handcrafted by passionate designers and artisans.
celebrate life: Celebrate life and human spirit by honoring traditions from cultures around the world."

Gotta love that, right?  Anyway, the little 3 bin wire basket shown above is calling my name, but the $169 price tag is not.  Does anyone know where I could get a similar piece with a more "consumer friendly" price?  You guys are awesome resources and I just thought MAYBE someone had come across something like this in their travels.  If not, no worries, I'll probably get over it, but I thought it would look SO cute in the little man's new room (still in progress).

Oh and BTW, little man and I went to our first IKEA store on Sunday. Denver FINALLY got one, the first in the state of Colorado which had opened 5 days prior.  HOLY COW!  It was like going to Disney World...all sorts of traffic directing from the signs at the interstate to the gazillions of neon green vested workers pointing the way.  THEN we got in the parking garage and shuffled in the building along with several hundred of our closest friends.  :-)  It was about feeling like you were stuck in a herd of cows.  MOO!  But it was SO cool.  I got a set of 6 juice glasses, a long ceramic tray that they showed with 3 small pillar candles on a bed of small river rocks, one of those cool metal plant pots that look they are edged with lace on top, and a vanilla candle. All for under $13 bucks, including tax.  Not to mention the awesome ideas I got for future reference.  Sweet!  I see why you gals are so crazy for IKEA. 

Thanks in advance Bloggie Friends!

Until next time,
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Have you seen "Patina Style" yet?

Just me here doing the quick check in.  The Colorado mountains were lovely but now it's back to the routine.  We rode horses, rode an alpine slide, the boys climbed the climbing walls and jumped on the bungee trampolines, we rafted, we boated, we swam, and we ate (a lot!).  Good times were had by all, but boy were we pooped!  Anyway, thanks for your comments on my last post.  I will try to get around to visit you in response, but it may take me a while-bear with me pretty please.

So, when I saw that Brooke Giannetti of the blog Velvet and Linen and her talented husband Steve had a book coming out called "Patina Style", I wasted no time pre-ordering it from Amazon.  It came just before we left on our vacation and it does NOT disappoint.  I would highly recommend it if you are a fan of Brooke's style as there are many beautiful photos to salivate over.  I have not had time to savor it and read it cover to cover as I would like due to all of my irons in the fire right now, but I have no doubt the text will be as interesting and wonderful as the photos.  There are MANY inspiring rooms and vignettes using antique and vintage treasures for you to ponder and delight in.

Just a quick sampling to tease you.  Must get back to big baby boy's new room.  I'll check in as soon as I can.  Enjoy the wonderful summer while it lasts!

Until next time,
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