Sunday, February 24, 2013

Laid Back Sunday

Hello Friends,

Just a quick check in to say I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.  I bought a pretty white Stock bouquet yesterday at the store just because.  We are not fortunate enough to have a Trader Joe's around here (although I keep hearing rumors that we will get one), so fresh flowers are more of a "treat" than a regular occurrence around my house.  The stock is a flower that I've never had any luck growing in the garden despite repeated attempts, but I love it.  Not only is it a pretty little stalk, but it smells WON-DER-FUL!  Might be too sweet for some folks, but not me.  Anyway, I put it in one of my favorite old transferware pitchers on the center of my dining room table which is transitioning from the Valentine table to a more springy look.  No major decor just yet, but get ready for my big pink clown Easter bunny coming soon.  I'm really excited since I "lost" him in the ruckus that is my house a couple of years ago and only found him this summer, so it has been a while since he's hopped into spring.

Not that I'm dreaming of spring JUST yet when we have some more winter weather in us, but a little touch doesn't hurt.  The photo below shows you how pretty our town looks with some nice winter snow frosting everything.  I should mention that the view is not from my home, but from the Garden of the Gods Club a few miles away.  A good friend belongs to the club and I get to tag along with her to happy hours now and then again.  I never tire of that view, no matter what season it is.

On a different note, I've put a few new things in both Etsy shops, so stop by and take a peek.

This pretty Wedgwood compote is such a mellow creamy color.  I love the embossed edge.  It is here at Elegant Farmhouse. 

This adorable shelf will hopefully be listed on Elegant Farmhouse this week although seeing how cute it looks all styled up, I might have a hard time getting that little listing done!

Check out this amazing 4 inch wide 1920's lace that is here at The French Laundry.

This beauty emerged from the pile of goods destined for The French Laundry.  Swoon...

Well, laid back Sunday or not, I do have to tend to a few things before we jump back into the work week, so have a great week and hopefully, I'll get to stop by and see what you all are up to. 
Until next time,

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  1. Some great features here, Judy. I love stock, too. I have had pretty good luck growing it and I LOVE the smell- xo Diana

  2. I can smell the flowers from here,very pretty in that gorgeous jug. Lovely features too. Love that crown. x

  3. Nice settings and the jar with the flowers is beatiful. Looking forward to see more.
    Bye Lilian

  4. It's like stepping back in time when I visit your shop. What amazing treasures.

  5. I so love your finds! It always makes me remember the Paris flea market.....I wanted to go every day but my husband thought once was enough.....sheesh....

  6. I can smell them flowers now.. and I would never tired of the Colorado views either. so miss them...


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