Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

A Belated Happy Valentine's Day to all of my Bloggie Friends!  I hope you all had a day filled with love.  My sweet boys and I stayed home and just hung out.  The mister and I will go out for date night this weekend.  These are a few photos of my Valentine decor this year.  Nothing too serious, just fun. 

I love pulling out all of my little heart things...

I have a lot of cherubs in the house, so they get to come out front and center for Valentine's Day.

I'm working full time now (second week, still training, lots to learn) so I must get some sleep and let the pictures do my talking for me.  See you all around...

Until next time,

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  1. Looks very sweet to me, Judy. I love those heart shaped cookies in the collage!!! xo Diana

  2. Congratulations on your job! The first two weeks are always a bit overwhelming but after that it will be a breeze. Love all the photos and they did a good job speaking for you! The hearts filled with vintage buttons and key... the soldered Valentine box.... the pink cookies.. the garland! So much wonderful eye candy!! thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Judy, I just found your blog. It's beautiful! I love your photo's. A beautiful atmosphere. Your bohemian style is interesting.
    If you want to, your very welcome at my blog. I'm writing about France where I live a few months a year. So I can take you out by a virtual trip sometimes. Bye, Lilian


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