Friday, August 3, 2012

Art, Puppies, and Birthdays...

Hello my dear blogging friends,

I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted.  Wassup with that???  I apologize for the random musings, but I just have been in a real blogging doldrums.  Nothing I particularly have to share that I think would be of much interest.  I know we all go through this from time to time, so I know this too shall pass.  One thing I do want to share is the beautiful mixed media art book I got from the very talented Judy McCallum.  She is from Bakersfield, CA and she is an amazing artist.  This book makes me so happy just to look at it.  Makes me want to go play in my studio instead of just organizing it (yes, STILL). Enjoy looking at some of the beautiful pages she has made with fabric and lace...yum!

Part of my busy-ness as of late is with regard to my little sweet pea Bella.  Bella the Yorkshire Terrier had a visit with a Yorkie gentleman friend back in March (on purpose) and the result was...

These two precious ones.  A little girl who, after about 24 hours of life, had to try to explore every inch of their pen, gaining her the temporary name of "Dora the Explorer".  Her brother, by default, became "Diego".

They were so cute.  My house smells like doggie pee, but it has been fun.

We had a deal with the stud's parents that in lieu of a stud fee they would get a puppy.  We were going to sell the second pup. 

Yeah, like that happened.  Diego is now a part of the family.  My house still smells like dog pee, but I love the little stinker and this too shall pass (the doggie pee smell, not the love for the doggie).  Moving on to more random, unrelated thoughts, once a year, in August, I always try to buy some pretty gladiolas as they seem to be cheap and they are my birth month flowers. 

This birthday is a big one-holy cow!  I am taking a week off work to "celebrate".  I am actually excited as my two brothers and their wives are coming up from Texas to help me commemorate the 50th anniversary of my natal event .  One has only once before been to this house when he was in Denver for business (drove down for dinner) and the other one has never been (yes, I actually have been here 13 years-time flies).  We've seen each other, just in Texas at my dad's before he passed away and at their homes, but I am very excited to have my ELDER siblings come to visit me.  So, I know I am rambling about nothing in particular, but I hope you have found something that will make you want to come back.  I love reading your comments and while I am sometimes very slow at responding, know that I read and cherish every one.  I hope to be able to share some pictures of my eldest son's room which has been a work in progress as well.

Until next time,
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  1. I so love this gorgeous lacy book. I think I may attempt to make one like this with photo's of my family. Love coming over here for ideas.
    It's so nice that you will be having a visit from your brothers. It's nice when you can all get together for your special birthday. xx

  2. PS, I forgot about the puppies,so cute no wonder you kept one.

  3. I so enjoyed this post. I used to breed Yorkies. I had both the Mom and the Dad. The Dad weighed 1.5 lbs. We kept one of the puppies and she is the only one we still have. She is 13 now. We love her so much and we miss her parents. I don't think I would ever breed again because it was so hard to give up the puppies (though we made a lot of money selling them!). A lot of the people who bought puppies from us send our Christmas cards and stuff so that is fun. Enjoy your new baby!

  4. Beautiful book and the puppies are so cute *smile*. I understand that you kept one of them. Have a nice friday.


  5. Those books are just gorgeous! As a seamstress, linen and lace collector and religious art fanatic.....they were right up my alley...!!

  6. Cute little Yorkies! The smells we put up with for out pets :)
    I bought the gladiolas last week, too! They were so cheap, I felt like I was at Trader Joe's. I choose the white ones (of course!). Have you heard we are getting TJ's? I'm not sure when.
    Happy, Happy 50th anniversary of your natal event! ;)How fun to have family in town.
    One of these days we should finally meet up.
    Have a great weekend,


  7. The book is stunning and the puppies are sooo darling.
    Happy Birthday

  8. Great eye candy in several forms today. My favorite would be that little pup--he is a keeper! And, Happy Birthday. Have fun with the family.♥♫

  9. Judy, your fabric book is stunning. I can't stop looking at it...what a treasure.
    Those puppies are so adorable...I have on word of advice for, it's not a bad word.
    We confined our little puppy to a small area with a piddle pad. Every time she used it, we praised her and she got freedom. She learned to let us know she used it because she wanted to romp in the house.

    It took a lot of work but it worked out for us. I'm sure your new babies will be days and days of joy!

    Happy Birthday!! Rhonda

  10. Happy birthday! The 5-0 isn't bad at all. I'll be hitting the next big one in a few years and honestly don't think of age at all.

    Squeeee! Puppies! Adorable, darling, puppies! When you said you'd planned to sell the other, I wondered how you could part with him. Then read the next sentence. :-)

    The fabric book is absolutely gorgeous.

    Boy, do I understand the blogging blank. It takes a lot of work to come up with something to blog about as often as so many out there do. And if we're living the fun, there's no time to blog about it. And if there's nothing interesting being lived, then what is there to talk about? Non bloggers who say, "You haven't blogged in awhile" just don't understand.

  11. Happy Birthday!!!! I loved being 50~ Your fur babies are just adorable..I couldn't part with a one of them. Glad to see you posting today- Blessings- xo Diana

  12. PUPPIES!!! They are the cutest little darlings, I am not surprised you couldn't part with both of them and kept Diego. The beautiful fabric journal is so special, I love the images she has used. Have a great birthday week, celebrating with your family.

  13. Happy Birthday!.. and I have to say {crossing over to the other side :} is not so bad. This is when we tune into the female goddess thing and (hopefully) feel a sense of peace. We focus on things that really matter.. like family and our health.

    Such a beautiful lace book and those pups are just adorable.

    Have a nice weekend! leslie

  14. Oh my word, the puppies are so cute. Love the mixed media book you received, its stunning. Beautiful flowers, such a vibrant colour. Lee x

  15. The lacey book is just darling Judy! I can see all the love your friend put into creating it!

    Your Momma and Puppies are so precious! Except for babies I think there is nothing sweeter than puppies!
    Many years ago one of our cockers had 11 puppies so I remember that peepee smell :-)

    Have fun with baby Diego and Happy Birthday too!!

  16. Hi! Judy,

    What a charming art book. The lace is stunning!
    Bella & puppies are soooo cute! Keepers! lol.
    The pink gladiolas are truly elegant. They are such lovely flowers.

    Wishing you a beautiful Birthday with all good things. Enjoy! a memorable time with your family too.

    Thank you! for sharing. It is always a pleasure to visit you & read your sweet posts. Have a great weekend.

    Blessings & Hugs,

  17. You have such a beautiful blog! I just love it. And Marlene is right: It truly is a pleasure to read your sweet posts. I look forward to it! :)


  18. The mixed media art book is absolutely gorgeous, I just love the old fabric and lace, so pretty. Looks like you have your hands full with the new addition to the family, he is precious.
    Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great one!

  19. Hi Judy,
    Happy Birthday...boy you sure have a hot birthday month. We have a few August B-days too!
    I hope you enjoy your Birthday and remember it is fashionable to celebrate the day and to forget about the year!
    What a beautiful gift you have recieved..stunning!

  20. Happy Birthday, Judy! Hope you are enjoying your family's visit. Your puppies are just adorable!

  21. Happy, Happy Birthday Judy!!
    Enjoy the time with your family...including the newest, cute member Diego!

  22. It sounds like we are living parallel lives. Organizing workroom and new puppy. You though have 2 but I have one big one:) Mine is house trained but seems to forget that sometimes. I forgot how much more work they are then cats but it's all worth it when they look at you lovingly. Ah just can't put that into words.

    Hope your birthday is a wonderful one. Enjoy your summer.


  23. Aww, Diego is so cute! They are all so adorable! Great post!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ciao Bella
    Sensible Sarah

  24. fun fun times goin' on over at your house ... wish we were neighbors

  25. so nice you have family coming to visit you

    seems like my family never gets togther since Mom & Dag are gone
    i took another stroll through your very neat organized studio treasures

  26. I am new to your blog, and love, love, love it! I have enjoyed the fabric book so much, and the pup's are just way too cute and precious. I too am turning 50 on the 13th. "Happy Birthday" to you and I hope you enjoy you week!

  27. Judy
    When I read your comment on my "do it anyway" post, my heart fell to the floor. I had no idea that you've walked through such heartache!! I hope and pray your son is better now and receiving a complete and miraculous healing from the Lord. I know that there is nothing more tender and sacred than a mothers love for her child (no matter how old they are) and we would trade places with them when they're hurting in a heartbeat if we could! My thoughts and prayers are with you. It always gives me comfort to know as much as I love my children, the God who created them, their Heavenly Father....He loves them even more. That faith has helped me on many a long journey, and I can only hope it's been the same for you.
    Many blessings and hugs,

  28. Judy, I love this post. Diego is a sweetie. I'd love to wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you have a lot of fun with your family and relatives. Lots of fun memories and can't wait to see the photos. Thanks for stopping by with your inspirational comment. It means a lot to me. Happy Birthday again!


  29. Oh Judy, hope your Birthday and visit with your family was wonderful!! nothing like babies in the house, I know you must be loving them so much. Hope that you know we all find you fabulous, and love every post!! xo

  30. Hope you had a great birthday and visit with your family, Judy.

    Diego is just darling! What a sweet puppy.

  31. happy birthday!! Those puppies are too darn cute!

    Jan @door251


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