Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Sunny Sunday and Time to Get Back to Work

Hello all and happy Sunny Sunday!  We had the most glorious warm June day today.  The kind of day that made you want to go walk barefoot through the garden sipping an iced tea or something like that.  But did I get to do that?  Not really...I have desperately needed to get back to my poor neglected little Etsy shop, Elegant Farmhouse and do some restocking.  I also had a shift at the hospital today (24/7, 365, you know how that goes), giving me limited time to do ANYTHING.  So, instead of whiling away the hours conferring with the flowers (any Wizard of Oz fans out there to get my humor???), I stayed indoors and got some much overdue shop keeping done.  I hope you'll forgive me the shameless self-promotion, but I do have some dandy offerings and they make a pretty picture as well.  That and I don't have much of anything else to blog about.  INSERT SHEEPISH GRIN HERE... Hey, I'm nothing if not honest...

The beautiful clock face above is a recent find.  It is Seth Thomas and get a load of the cool shape.  It is paint over zinc.  LOVE it!

The little bobbins you all were so complimentary of a few weeks back finally made their way to the shop as well as the cute cast iron urn.

Any Nebraska fans out there?  I found this awesome silk embroidered pillow a couple of weeks ago.  I just can't resist the old motto pillows and state pillows.  Such care was taken to embroider them.  If only I had some Nebraska connection...

Can't seem to resist picking up old photos.  These aren't in great shape but they'd been awesome incorporated in artwork, don't you think?  I have a couple of sets of them...

I got busy cutting and ironing some more wallpapers yesterday.  It is amazingly time consuming, but I just love playing with the pretty papers, even if it is just so I can sell them.

There are 10 sheets of different wallpapers, one large page from an old French dictionary, a vintage Bingo card, and a little romantic card all tied up with a yard of pink crinkled seam binding.

I also put together some wallpaper scrap packs of smaller pieces of a bunch of my favorite papers and packed them up in these cute little envelopes I made out of antique ledger paper.  OK, yes, I had fun playing so it wasn't all work!

I hope you all had a good weekend and are gearing up for a great week.  I have a boatload more goodies to add to the shop, so I'll get it done little by little. It's summer!  Woo! Hoo!  I don't want to get so busy that I miss it!

Until next time,

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  1. Judy- I, too,love to spend time conferring with the flowers...perhaps I AM one of the Wicked witches waiting in the wings? lol

    I love all your stuff-the bobbins and urns. Surely you know SOMEONE in Nebraska! xo Diana

    ps...did you know I had a brand new grandbaby boy born last night?;>)

  2. look at all that fun you had . I have not seen any old wall paper in all my shopping at flea markets and antique shops around here ?

    looks good to me

  3. Never feel bad about sharing all your wonderful things with us, we're excited to see them! You have so many unique and beautiful things; love the clock and the wallpaper is divine!!

  4. Hello!
    Ohh so lovely clock!!!!
    And thios photos are so nice!
    Have a nice week

  5. Hi Judy, tickled pink to have you visit. Always enjoy your post. You have a style that is a joy to read. And the items you find for your shop are unique and fun. I was also reading your "dye" post too. I have been using the walnuts from our old tree to get the "OLD" stain on papers, etc. instead of tea and coffee. I keep a big vat of it in the garden shed all ready to go. Works like a charm. And who knew avocado skins would work as a dye. Have a wonderful week and I hope life doesn't get in the way of playing and creating. xo

  6. "if I only had a brain".....I'd buy all the stuff you have....LOL I love those little bobbins and the ledger envelopes are fantastic!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  7. how lovely....what finds!! love the clock face and the petite spools of thread. your wallpaper packs are sweeet! TFS!;)

  8. I love all your bits and pieces, just lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your pics.

  9. What beautiful treasures. You really have great taste in picking some of most gorgeous things. Love them all!


  10. Too late....missed the clock.
    oh well I guess a sign I should go back to work.....haha


  11. I love your blog, and especially your header.. the images are lovely, and I really love that font! Do you know the name of it? It's beautiful.. perfect for your blog!

  12. HI Judy
    Wow you have some lovely finds. I love the bobbins so cool. Hope that you have a very lovely week!


  13. If you don't toot your own horn, who will? (Besides me!) Some amazing treasures you have there. My fav is the little urn. I might just have to go see about that!

  14. I have that very same metal pot!!! I don't have a thing in it now but, I need to find something as I really like it. Thanks for sharing your treasures! Have a great week.

  15. Wonderful finds!!! LOVE the bobbins!


    :) T

  16. Such beautiful things in your shop. I particularly love that urn, and of course, the vintage wallpaper. One of these days, I'll have a spare penny or two, and can order some of it. So pretty!


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