Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The beauty is in the details...

A tall plaster of paris pillar I fauxed many years ago

When I first started reading blogs, the thing I remember being most taken with was the photography (yes, I know, I'm a look-at-the-pretty-pictures kinda girl).  Specifically, I was most enchanted at the way some people were able to zero in on little snippets of an object and make the most  dreamy and wonderful photos.  Those photos made me look for and better appreciate the beautiful details of even ordinary objects...the way the sunlight streams through a window through a lace curtain, the crackle of an old painted finish, the tattered velvet of an old millinery flower, and even the sharp contrast of an old bowl filled with fruit.  While there were MANY talented women out there who inspired me, Heather Bullard, Suzanne Duda, Heather Kowalski, and Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon were the first that I remember just being in awe of; their attention to details in their art and their photography on their blogs made me drool, then and now.  Of course, I've grown the circle now to include so many talented bloggers and shopowners that I couldn't possibly name all of those sources of endless inspiration, but I do appreciate you all for showing me the beauty in the details and for helping me to stretch to find it and photograph it in my own surroundings.

For White Wednesday, I thought I'd share a few details of the many shades of white and gray and textures around my home.  I wish I could say that these little bits of minutia were some of my best photography, but sadly, the muse must have been on vacation today.  Oh well, some days are like that. 

Ironstone butter pats

Frame I made over with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint

Corner of a frame-love the metal wreath!

Antique hankies

Sweet millinery horseshoe for luck-probably from a wedding long ago

Detail of an ironstone mug

Beautiful pouch from Rhonda at A Little Bit French

Old French letters and various ephemera that inspires me

One of my favorite old gesso mirrors

Little faux enamel tags I made this spring

The tote I won from Tracey at French Larkspur ages ago...LOVE!

Antique hand towels
My favorite little statue
I hope you will join me at Faded Charm for a little more inspiration with all of the wonderful whites of White Wednesday.  Look for the beauty in the little details in your life...you'll be glad you did!

Until next time,
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  1. I love all the details. I think details are so important and often bump up the decor to next level. I think I would love to visit your home it seems relaxing yet interesting too!

  2. I am in love with every one of your photos, but especially love the french letters and enamel tags! Super job!!

  3. Your photography is inspiring! Lovely images!

  4. I echo your sentiments re: photography. I have taken the next step and bought an DSLR camera. I'm hoping to do a workshop next month too. I always love your posts and the photos are so lovely. This time I particularly love your white antique hand towel

  5. Beautiful photos.. they truly do make the post! Love all your french inspiration! Stop by and link up if you have time.

  6. Judy,
    Beautiful photos.I am still learning.I need to figure out how to make my photos bigger on my blog.Any suggestions?

  7. The muse most certainly is not on vacation, Judy - these photos are amazing! I'm taking in each and every detail...such beauty. I can't believe you made those tags - such talents you have!

  8. Your muse most certainly did not take a vacation...such gorgeous images, you've captured every single object perfectly! Let's add you to the list of fabulous photographers, Judy. Thanks for the shout out...I owe ya, girl. xo Rhonda

  9. Your photo's are absolutely gorgeous, and I'm loving your new header.... BEAUTIFUL!!!

  10. I think you did a beautiful job! I'm a "look at the pretty pictures gal" too, I'm working on trying to get awesome images but time limits me lately.

  11. your photos are just STUNNING! Love that little wreath on that frame! You are right, the details always look so gorgeous in photographs.

    Thank you so much for your sweet compliment... it made me smile. :) It is funny because I never feel like my photos are good enough!

    xo Heather

  12. Lovley photos and I love all the details. Have a great day.


  13. Gorgeous treasures, beautifully photographed. A real feast for the eyes.

  14. Fantastic treasures I love that urn and the picture of the corner of the frame. Just stunning choices for this post.


  15. ...sigh...
    Omgosh Judy...you have captured some beauty here...it IS all in the details!

  16. "delightful details"...that's the name of one of my Pinterest boards and, you dear judy, have just added quite a few Pins to it! sigh....

  17. your blog is wonderful and so inspiring! love, @nne

  18. OH JUDY!!!

    You needn't be anything but truly proud of your amazing photographs, oh my word this post is gorgeous.

    I am just learning how, and have a long long way to go - just don't have the natural eye some have...but WOWZA do I think YOU do!


  19. Judy,
    I truly admire how you can take little snippets of life and turn them into works of art with your photography and creative talents!!
    Amazing and Inspirational!!


  20. Beauty is definitely in the details. You've certainly captured that in your photos.
    Mary Alice

  21. I love close up shots. I agree, it makes you appreciate the details. Very simple objects can be quite captivating.

  22. Love that tote...but adding those flowers to it makes it stunning!!! Sooo pretty~
    Blessings & hugs,

  23. Yes, it's all in the details... which is why I enjoy the Close-Up so much too!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  24. I think your muse was right there with you Judy, those photos are beautiful! Blogging has done the same for me, although my close ups are not quite there yet, it has made me fall in love with photography or rather 'taking pictures' since I really am such a novice. Can I borrow your muse sometime? Have a great weekend, t.xoxo

  25. All of these photos are so beautiful and interesting. I love seeing all the white textures.

  26. As lovely as all those things are...my favorite are the butter pats...I just adore them!!!! x0

  27. I so agree-the beauty is in the details. You've got some gorgeous photos there and even prettier decor. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  28. Beautiful images and I love the enamel tags.


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