Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Peace on Earth

Paper ex-voto tag from Ozma of Odds
Well, I just couldn't stand to miss a White Wednesday, but I'm going to make it short. With Christmas being so close, I have many things on my to do list just like all of you and I need to hang with my cute little babies while I can while they are off from school.  But I digress... I had a few "funny" areas in my home where I needed something to decorate with, but had neither the money nor the desire to go out and purchase something more (really, I have about 6 large boxes of Christmas fodder, do I really need more???).  SO, in the spirit of an ailing economy and burgeoning creativity, I decided to use what I had on hand.  I know, what a concept, you gals have been doing it with great success for ages.  Some of us are a little slow sometimes.  Anyway, I decided to put into play a couple of the awesome things I bought from Etsy sellers Ozma of Odds and Petite Michelle Louise (thank you Blogland for introducing us!).  I have this wonderful antique brown book called Christmastide which I purchased a few years ago.  I just loved the color and the graphics on it.  Like so many of you, I also have cloches that I love to find a use for.  I also have this little creamy pair of children's gloves that I have had for years and always find a use for in my wintery decor. I also have a glittered tree topper from Wendy Addison which has aged beautifully.  I put them all together and....voila!  Christmas vignette.  I washed up a jar from some jalepenos that were almost gone (now you really are privy to all of my secrets) and circled it with some torn muslin, twine, and the sweet Madonna piece I got from Petite Michelle Louise.  Add a little greenery and pinecones from my backyard and we have a completed bookcase topper.  And the best part is, ZERO cost. 

Then, I had a little spot that needed a little somethin-somethin, so I hung one of the mirrors that is normally layered on my mantel and an old French book page with some greenery from the yard, more twine, and the ubiquitous paper tag from Ozma of Odds (yes, Rosemary, you have hit a home run with this one, your tags are EVERYWHERE.  And I love mine!).  I decided to go the simple route and used a silver thumb tack to stick it on the wall.  Turned out pretty cute I think and again, ZERO dollars.  Of course, I had purchased the tags previously, but the thing is, no additional cost.

Well, that's what I did.  I hope you like it.  On a personal note, Mr FL has a job interview on Thursday.  If you've got a minute to say a little prayer that it is a good fit for him, I'd sure appreciate it.  We need the money, but he needs to be able to enjoy it as well.

I'm linking up to Kathleen's White Wednesday party, so swing by when you can.  There are some awesome posts.

Until next time,

One quick photo I took last night in my backyard of the very cool Winter Solstice Full Lunar Eclipse.  Woo! Hoo!
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  1. Oh My Goodness.... that is Amazing!

  2. Oh and I love love love all your "last minute" decorations... they are fabulous!
    Blessings to you this wonderful Christmas week

  3. ...I just adore how those ex-voto's look against the greenery!!
    I created these, because I wanted simple elegance for my tree this year and thought maybe others would too:)
    I never imagined that they would be gracing so many lovely homes...I'm over the lunar moon about that!!
    You already know how I feel about Michelle's pretties ~ LOL!!
    ~ and just what is that marvelous shoe hanging on the wall...hhhmmmmm??!!
    Happiest Holidays dear one!!
    xo, Rosemary

  4. You did a beautiful job with all of your bits and pieces. I love it all! And your picture of the eclipse is truly amazing!

    Happy Holidays!


  5. Wow! That's a beautiful picture of the Winter Solstice Full Lunar Eclipse! Your decor looks great!
    Merry Christmas

  6. Amazing what a few choice treasure and a great imagination can conjure up by the light of the silvery moon.
    It all looks beautiful.
    P.S. Y'all are now on my prayer list.

  7. ~*~*Absolutely beautiful Judy!!~~* Hey can you email me your address?? HUGS,Rachel ;) ~*~*

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  8. Hi Judy,

    I love your beautiful Christmas vignette, thanks for showing us.
    How wonderful the lunar eclipse is and a fabulous photo. I tried going out but it was too cloudy in our part of the world and did not see the moon.

    Happy day

  9. So pretty, Judy! Love the vignette in the cloche! Have a wonderful Christmas Week!

  10. Your last minute decorating hit it right on the nail. Love it all!

    Best wishes this holiday season.


  11. I just LOVE your reindeer at the top of your blog...would you mind telling me where you got him?

  12. Everything looks beautiful! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!!
    Blessings~~ Daphne

  13. Wow-your style is just elegant and beauty-love what you did!

  14. Good luck on the job hunt! Maybe that moon will bring something wonderful.

  15. to see one of my petite creations in one of YOUR vignettes along with the much-adored Ozma..well...it filled my heart to bursting! Merci...merci! Your words just touched my heart. I am over the moon that a small token from my own hands has such a special place in your home this Christmas. Merry xmas to you and yours mon amie!

  16. oh...and that picture of the lunar eclipse...Amaaaaazing!

  17. Love what you did!

    ..and I'm crushin' on that mirror with the wavy glass big time....and in my favorite biscuit color.

    Merry Merry to you and yours


  18. Oh it is quite lovely.... It couldn't have been more lovely if you had spent a ton of money on it... It is yours and that is what makes it so special.

  19. Charming! I did not purchase any new decorations either, except for a few balls I wanted to place in baskets and bowls. It was fun to re-create what I already had.

    Happy Christmas to you and your family.


  20. I love what you did with the very special things you have. The pictures are beautiful! My jaw dropped when I saw your picture from last night! Merry Christmas. Prayers that Mr. FL gets the job!

  21. I love your creative last-minute vignettes! 'Using what you have' in a beautiful way. I'll say a prayer for your husband's interview. Thanks for the gorgeous eclipse pic!
    - Susan

  22. I LOVE that Voto Tag!

    Christmas Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

  23. Love it...especially that sweet vintage book!!

    Merry Christmas!

    P.S....that photo of the moon is just awesome!

  24. Your Christmas decor is wonderful. I especially love the cloche vignette...both Sweet and Beautiful.
    Your photo of the lunar moon is fantastic!

    I wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas.

  25. So sweet and beautiful. Thank you for sharing those pictures and the moon too. Happy Holidays!


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