Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I actually spent all day yesterday deep cleaning our family room. Yikes! I think I missed like the last 8 or 9 springs for the whole cleaning thing, so it was intense. However, its amazing how good it felt to come home this evening after work and see the fruits of my labor. Clutter corralled, dust bunnies evicted, carpet and upholstery cleaned. WOW! Who knew? Better than Prozac, no lie! Okay, maybe not, but seriously, it makes me want to systematically go through all of the areas of my home and do this. I have no pictures to share, but I will share a link with you that, at one time, I found very useful. I need to get back to visiting the Flylady once in a while. Her theories make sense and if you do what she says, you will have a clean, organized, well functioning home. Its a comittment, sort of like losing weight (also on my list) and getting regular exercise (another one, check!), but worth it if you can at least do at least a smidge of her suggestions. Check it out if you have time. For now, I must finish my little May Day Flower Vessels that I'm going to gift my gal pals with tomorrow. Maybe I'll be smart and take pictures to show you. And just for the record, the photo above is a Flickr file (from the incredibly talented Polly) which has nothing to do with the post, except for having one of my favorite spring flowers, lilacs, in it. Which, in my part of the world, is more like an early summer flower, but that might be splitting hairs.

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  1. I was just talking about dust bunnies over at my French Cupboard blog. Funny how we all seem to have the same desire to be organized and clean but we all feel like we never achieve it (unless company is coming over, of course).

    Blessings... Polly (Glad you found that photo. It fits perfectly!)

  2. I too love Lilacs, Judy. I just wish they were in bloom longer. I was on a cleaning kick Monday and Tuesday, but now the feeling has left me (I'm hoping not for too long!). Off to check out the link you've provided. Happy weekend!

  3. Intersting story and gorgeous photos. My neighbor is a professional organizer. She came over about a month ago, and in 2 days, my house was transformed. It was already clean, but she helped me make those extra touches.

    Anyway, I'm glad I found you through a link from "How Sweet the Sound." I'm going to check out your organizing link.


  4. Every thing is so pretty nice work!


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