Saturday, May 30, 2009

Antique, Vintage, and PINK

Happy Pink Saturday! Hard to believe that Bev has been hostessing this crazy little event for a year now, but "shore 'nuff", that is the case. I must have been feeling the love when I posted my auctions on Ebay this week, because these represent 5 out of the 6 things I have up right now, all PINK. Thought you might enjoy seeing them since they are very fun antique and vintage pretties.

First, a wonderful 1940's or 50's hat that I bought on my recent vacation to Florida. It is covered with pink organdy and velvet rosebuds (on a pink velvet hatstand, of course).

Next, a wonderful pair of 1920's silk shoes with adorable rosettes on the toes...can't you just see a little flapper gal doing the Charleston in these?

Antique English pink lustreware cup and saucer. Makes you want to have a spot of tea, doesn't it?

One of my favorites of all time (why am I selling it???), a 1920's half doll boudoir lamp with the prettiest little half doll perched on a tricked out ribbonwork and lace canopied chair. The light is under her skirt, giving her a soft glow when it is turned on.

Lastly, one of the prettiest handpainted tole trays I've ever come across, in almost mint condition and...PINK with pink roses. Doesn't get any better than that, does it?

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little tour of pink pretties on this lovely spring Pink Saturday. I hope you are having a great weekend with your friends and loved ones. Next week, I hope to take you shopping with me to some of my local haunts.

Until next time,
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  1. Of course I adore all your pink pretties but that lamp is just stunning and wonderful. I am so lusting after one of these beauties that doesn't cost an arm and a leg ( on tis side of the world). I shall just have to admire from afar I think!
    Hve a truly scrumptious day,
    Kiss Noises Linda

  2. great pinks!
    have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Oh my gosh... I am so ready for the PS birthday party.. your hat is lovely, the shoes.. oh my.. too pretty to wear but i love it.. since you gonna serve tea, i come with cakes.. and the half doll lamp will brighten our day.. and the tray is ready to serve us. hehehee Happy PS!

  4. With our little PINK SATURDAY having a birthday this week, I am on "pink overload" and that is difficult to do to me! I'm lovin' it like crazy!

    What lovely pinks this week you have, my dear. The better to see your through my rose colored glasses!☺

    Have a great weekend. Not all that warm up in my neck of the woods but the sun is out and that makes the day good. I hope you are surrounded by those you love and that you, too, are bathed in sunshine.

  5. Oh DELISH! I collect tole trays too......I have LOTS of them.........but not a single PINK one. Yours is BEEE-U-TI-FULLLLLLLL......and, I'm pink with envy.


  6. I love that tole tray and I'm a sucker for lusterware! Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Oh! I love all of your pink offerings. I've never seen a half doll lamp. What a cutie! Happy Belated Pink Saturday!

  8. Dear Judy,
    wow...all those beautiful treasures....the tole tray...the hat (I collect them) and that heart is racing
    I tole trays and yours is beautiful.
    I would love to get started in mosiacs...where and how is the best way to start...I was looking at some of the tiles at hobby lobby...ouch...they cost a lot for what I want to do...
    I have an old window I was going to hang on my porch but that would take a lot of ttiles from hobby lobby

  9. OOOHHH I love those shoes!!! Eekkk so pretty:)

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Such a fun party today!


  10. My fave is the cup and saucer! :-)

    Happy PS!


  11. the soft pinks of the vintage hat are so pretty, the can just imagine someone all dressed up and ready to go out, lovely, just lovely, happy pink saturday, Char

  12. Oh gosh, I want everything! The little hat is darling, and the TRAY - Oh I want that! Pink Hugs!

  13. What gorgeous pink vintage things. That tray is incredible! What a find
    Happy Pink Saturday, just a little late

  14. Gosh, I love them all, but the hat is a favorite!! Happy Pink Saturday - late of course, it's already Monday - LOL!

  15. Hey stranger, hope all is well and trust you had a good holiday!!Love this pretty post, talk soon, Chrissy

  16. i love all your pink stuffs..wonderful.
    Have a nice day

    Lots of luv,

  17. The pink tray is TO DIE FOR!!! ove your work - I am adding you to MY blog roll:

  18. What a wonderful idea...this Pink Saturday.. You contributions are especially pretty. Thanks for sharing. xo Joan

  19. Oh my goodness, I'm in love with that hat & the tray just gorgeous!!
    Hope all is well


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