Saturday, April 28, 2012

When Worlds Collide

Hello Bloggie Friends,

So, let's see if this equation sounds familiar...

1 little boy with the face of a cherub + 1 ball illegally brought in the house + 1 shelf full of Momma's pretties = LIFE happens.

Now I wasn't happy, but I have to say, my boys are 9 and 12 and before this, each of them had only broken one thing each and that was when they were babies, so I suppose I can't complain.  But REALLY?  3 in 1 fell swoop?  Man...good thing I love that little stinker!  I'm happy to report that a little time spent with a tube of super glue and all is well again.  At least as much as it will ever be.  Life goes on, even when the world of children and the world of stuff collide.

On a different note, our Bechtel crabapple is finally blooming.  It is a later blooming crab, so we had to be patient until our pretty girl put out her blossoms, but it was definitely worth the wait.

I played around a little more with PicMonkey and actually used a texture.  I know, I'm probably the last person in Blogland to try it, but some of us are slow to change.  I still prefer beautiful photos right off the camera, but this subtle parchment texture did give it a nice romantic look.

This little photo corner doodad was kind of fun too when paired with a retro photo look...

Well, that's all I've got for right now.  I'm planning on doing a little antiquing this weekend at a really fun show that is in the area each April.  Next week, I'll show you the couple of cool things I picked up on my brief junkin' jaunt last week.

Until next time,

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  1. Judy,
    I think I get more upset when I break something.I agree life happens.Even when it is something special to us.A person is even more special than an object.
    LOVE your sweet flowers.Mine are confused.One day it is 70 the next 35 and freezing.

  2. Oh- Your flowers are just gorgeous. Our crab apples came out in the last couple of days.

    As far as the boys breaking things though...I know how that feels. When my youngest daughter was a baby I started collecting the Holly Hobbie figurines which was a big thing back then. We were on a very tight budget but every week, out of the grocery money, I would plunk down a dollar or two on them at a store that was holding them on lay away for me. I brought them home one at a time and placed them in a curio cabinet in my daughter's room. There were about 30 pieces in there plus two that were "collectibles". One day my son was screwing around in her room and knocked the cabinet off the wall and broke EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I was heartbroken...and he was, too. It was a pure accident but oh-so-painful...his punishment was having to live with his sister who was also heartbroken. xo Diana

  3. Mine was an amazing pair of Colarado sunglasses. I adored them, but your right it happens! Yet years have past and everytime I am in need of a new pair of sunglasses I can never get that feel as I did way back then. Take care, thanks for sharing. Loved you blooms too. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  4. Your flowers and photos are beautiful. Sorry about your pretty getting broken but thank goodness for super glue. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Tell me, tell me!! Where do you go this time of year?? The Paris Street Market in Littleton starts on May 5th, I can't wait!
    Your flowers look gorgeous, mine are all in stages so some have and some haven't yet. So fun to have spring here! (although it is tooooo chilly today!)
    Girls break things, too. :( Mine are 9 and 11 and love to bring their balls in the house. Daddy sometimes encourages it! He is my third child ;) I'm very impressed you were able to glue it back together!
    Have a great weekend!


  6. Oh, Judy! Those were the days. If there is what thing I can remember saying over and over it was, "No balls in the house!". My husband still practices his golf swing in the living room and he does NOT have the face of a cherub!! lol!

    Your crabapple blossoms are beautiful! And I have never tried Picmonkey yet so you are not the last one!!

    Happy Weekend!


  7. Hi Judy,
    I hope the body brings you good luck - even it is always a little bit sad, if a thing you love is broken. Have a nice weekend, in Germany we have a long one till tuesday.
    Kind regards

  8. Crabapple's are so beautiful when they bloom, heavenly! Glad you're a laid back momma. I didn't have too many mishaps when my girls were young. but the one time, was a big one. I had a precious (and expensive) butterfly small Eastlake table, a gift from my husband, in my foyer at the bottom of the stairs. My daughter and her friends were running down the stairs and crashed into it. Busted beyond repair. I still haven't gotten over hoo. She's 32 now and still shakes when she thinks about it!

  9. Ah life with boys. I used to tell my son that my things that survived hundreds of years, but might not survive him!
    So happy that superglue came in to my life as well.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Oh what a shame, but unfortunately it happens sometimes with a little eager children or cats * smile *. A beautiful flower you have.


  11. In the very long run of things, broken pretties matter less than broken people. Your attitude is so great.

    I've not tried any textures yet, either, for the same reason you wrote. However,...your beautiful photos texturized (a new word created just now!) make me want to try it out.

    Hope your weekend is going just fine.

  12. The crabapple is so pretty.

    It's too bad about the china, but accidents will happen, and you have a good attitude about it. When I had a cast on my foot several years ago and was on crutches for a year & a half, I was quite clumsy and broke at least a dozen different pieces of china (I also broke a chair, a lamp, a window, and a small Christmas carousel). I always tell family & friends who worry about my china collection that they can't do anything worse than what I've already done myself, and that they're more important to me than the "stuff."

  13. Ohh pure you!!!!
    So sad!Hope you feel better today!
    Have a nice Day!

  14. Love your photos. And I love Picmonkey effects too, I only discovered it a few weeks ago.

  15. Ahh!! So sad, but it's easy to forgive..right?

  16. what beautiful beautiful blossoms!
    stinks about the broken stuff..unfortunately I know the feeling well.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  17. Hi Judy...reminds me of that Brady Bunch episode with the broken lamp from the basketball!
    "Mom always said, don't play ball in the house!"
    Beautiful flowers!!

  18. A shame about your pretties, Judy, but I'm sure your little cherub was sorry. As you said, life happens. My dear girl colored with PEN on the face of my great-grandmother's old doll. Shame on me for allowing it in her room. :(
    And you're not the last to try PicMonkey - I haven't ventured over there yet. Your photos look great, so I'll be sure to check it out.

  19. Oh dear oh dear. I know the feeling. Last month I stood up and banged my head on a shelf holding 2 of my porcelain teapots. They will never be the same. AND it was All My Fault. I haven't ever used the phoo textures - but I need to try, your tree is beautiful!


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