Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romance is in the Air...and so is a Sweet Discount!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Since this is a day of love, I thought I'd share one of my little romantic collections with you.  Back in the day, a lady had a collection of handkerchiefs and once they were all ironed and ready to go, she wouldn't want them to get rumpled.  She no doubt had on hand a handkerchief keep that she could keep in the drawer to store her pretty hankies in.  As was the case, then and now, we ladies liked to make our functional items pretty, so you will find all manner of hanky keepers or holders if you keep your peepers open.  Many (most that I've seen) are constructed of silk in and out and fold over like a piece of paper with some type of either button closure or ribbon tie.  I have a few of these being the collector that I am, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you.

This romantic little couple is basically a transfer on silk.  I know how we do this nowadays, but I am not sure of the process they used back then to put the image on the silk.

This gorgeous one is embroidered with silk thread.  LOVE the basket of flowers, don't you?

This one is a combination of the transfer for the face and hand painting all around, including the beautiful pink flowers.

This fabulous pansy design is hand painted.  Pansies were a favorite of the Victorian era I believe since you see them pop up on all sorts of decorative items from china to silk to canvasas.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my favorite things and I hope you all have a wonderful day with those you love, especially if there is a special someone in your life.  As a thank you to my blog readers and my great Etsy customers, I am offering a very SWEET discount of 30% off ANY ITEM in my Etsy shop, Elegant Farmhouse.  Now is the time to buy yourself a treat or a gift for someone else...just enter the discount code IHEARTYOU at checkout.  This deal is sweet, but just like that Valentine's candy, it will be gone fast as it expires in 24 hours.  Jump on it before noon Pacific time tomorrow , February 15th.  I will be sharing this post for White Wednesday; join me, won't you?

Until next time,

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  1. oh Judy, these hanky keepers are just amazing!!! I've only seen one or two of these. You have a gorgeous collection! Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

  2. oh my..those are just so lovely! what a beautiful collection you have there! happy valentine's day to you! ;)

  3. Judy~ beautiful!!! Always love to see what you come up with!
    happy valentine's day!

  4. Fantastic collection. Love the romantic couple. Happy Valentines Day.

  5. Oh be still my heart, these are lovely, beautiful and so sweet! Nice collection..
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  6. So lovely!! A very sweet collection!

    Happy Valentines Judy!

    Art by Karena

  7. These are precious Judy! I think that cute face is my favorite. You've got such an eye for treasures. :)

  8. I've just learned something new...handkerchief keepers! My favorite is the one with the pansies. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.♥♫

  9. What beautiful, beautiful things! Gorgeous- xo Diana

  10. Hi Judy,

    What a beautiful collection...don't know that I have ever noticed seeing any of these before but they are so charming...love making new discoveries. Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day.


  11. Hi Judy ~ these are wonderful!
    Hope your Valentine's Day was sweet!!

  12. Those are just beautiful! I don't think I have ever seen them before, they really knew how to make even the utilitarian things pretty didn't they? Thanks for sharing! t.xoxoxo

  13. I collect vintage hankies myself, though I have never seen these lil beauties.So pretty! Thanks for sharing with us.
    I have a hard time leaving a comment on some blogs and yours is one of them.Ugh! Blogger, oh well got it to work today.
    Hope you had a fabulous Valentines Day~Cheers Kim

  14. What beautiful little keepers I've never seen those before or just did not know what they were. Thanks for sharing
    and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving kind words. I'm a new follower.

  15. What a wonderful sweet collection! The best I've seen!

  16. Hi Judy!
    What a pretty post; and omg, I just LOVE the little Marie Antoinette looking silk pillow, to die for!
    Love your blog,
    have a beautiful day,
    Jenah xo

  17. I have not seen these before or did not know what they were. Just precious!

  18. Thank you Judy for entering my giveaway Theatre please make sure you comment again to ensure a chance at a win :)

    Keep inspiring you beauty.

  19. Hi, I have awarded you A Versatile Blogger Award for your lovely blog! You don't have to accept if you don't like awards, just know how much I enjoy your posts. If you do, please pop by my blog for further details xxx

  20. How did I ever miss this post! I have never seen these before but I will be sure to keep my eyes open. You have some real lovelies here!

  21. I was just scrolling down your beautiful blog and again had to stop because of your lovely collection. I'm not sure I was ever really aware of these before. You have enlightened me to something new and beautiful. Lovely and sweet!

  22. How gorgeous. I love these fabrics on these pillows. Beautiful!

  23. How an amazing collection you have.
    Do you have any more information (date, where it's from...) of th first one because I have one like this (it have a different couple but it's bassically the same). I haven't got any photo of it now but I can take some if you want.
    I love your blog



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