Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary on White Wednesday

On a beautiful September morning, 15 years ago, I married a wonderful man in front of friends and family in a glorious garden with the Rocky Mountains standing proud and tall in the background. It was the most perfect of perfect days. I am happy to report, that we are still married and  celebrated the occasion accordingly on another beautiful September in the Rockies. ♥ With that in mind, I hope you don't mind a re-post of my wedding cake topper collection.  I am sharing this with Kathleen over at Faded Charm for White Wednesday.

It's been a little while since the rhinestone clock collection post, so I thought today would be a nice time to share one of my sweeter collections with you. I started out just collecting any vintage wedding cake toppers that struck my fancy, however, with Ebay and all of the other online shopping possibilities out there, I could see that this could quickly become an overwhelmingly large collection. Not a problem if you only collect a couple of things...ahem, that would NOT be me though, so I had to reign myself in a bit. I decided that since my most favorite toppers seemed to be of the 1920-1930's era, I would limit myself to just those. I proceeded to sell the ones that didn't meet the criteria and then spread out my remaining little pretties so I could appreciate them fully. Then I put a couple of them under glass cloches which is a way I love to display all sorts of things. Not only does it put them in the spotlight, but it also keeps them from needing to be dusted!

I love the ones that still have their bases and flower arches, but I'm also partial to the little bisque "Kewpie" looking ones. Wedding toppers have become increasingly popular in the collecting circles and the prices have definitely gone up, up, up. Once in a while though, you can still find them at thrift stores or estate sales for a reasonable price. ($10 or less). One of the most striking toppers I've ever seen was offered on Ebay this last September. It featured a very well dressed 1920's couple and the bride's dress went up in the front as was the style back in the day. Even though many flapper brides wore that style of dress, the toppers depicting the dresses that way are very rare and this little treasure brought over $200, if memory serves. OUCH! Needless to say, that one is NOT in my collection, but boy I wish it were. Most of the more "normal" ones can be had well within the $20-50 range. Now these prices I'm spouting off are for the older, say pre-1940 toppers. If you like the toppers from the 1950's on forward, you can probably cut the above prices in half unless there is something particularly rare/unusual about it. I don't personally own any reference books on the subject, but I've just ordered a Schiffer collector book titled, "Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers" by Penny Henderson, so it should be interesting to see if she agrees with me! If you like reference books on collectibles, Schiffer has books on almost any item you can imagine. They are usually fairly well done and have lots of pictures on the subject of interest.

This little couple might just be my favorite. Look how cute they are hugging each other, cheek to cheek! The little girl reminds me of one of the little girls in my baby son's Kindergarten class. I hope you enjoyed this brief little visit into the sentimental and sweet.

Until next time,

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  1. What a cool idea! Love looking at your collection.

  2. Your collection is sooo cute and unique! Love it!

    And I hope your anniversary was divine!!
    We hit 32 years next month!! No that can't be right!! I can't possibly be that old!!!! ;o)
    Have a lovely Thursday!

  3. Happy Anniversary Judy
    Wishing you many more wonderful years to come...

    Love the cake toppers.. how cute..

    Thanks for your comments my way... staying at Sharon's guest cottage was idyllic.. ciao xxx Julie

  4. Happy Anniversary! You have such a precious collection, Judy. I just never see these around here. Love the ones with the dainty arches! xoxo

  5. Happy Anniversary! Judy, what a sweet collection! I hope you had a Beautiful day!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  6. First Happy Anniversary. Marrying in the Rockies sounds divine.
    Second...I did the same thing several years back. Bought all I could find then started weeding through 'em. I only have a few select now. I'm especially fond of the sugared base ones.

  7. Happy Anniversary!!
    What a fabulous collection. I found one on ebay and the groom was a sailor. It made a perfect gift for a friends navy son and his wife!

  8. It's a beautiful collection. Congrats on 15 years. Sounds like a very romantic setting.

  9. happy anniversary! your collection is gorgeous!

  10. Happy Anniversary :)
    Love collections under cloches! Visiting from WW today.

  11. Oh, Happy Anniversary - how wonderful this post is. Your collection is so sweet and romantic.

  12. I definitely did enjoy your visit to the sentimental and sweet, Judy. Those wedding toppers are precious. Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad to hear we share a lovely anniversary month. :)
    - Susan

  13. 15 years with the same man??? good for you honey LOL

    Happy anniversary and love all those little wedding dolls

  14. Judy~ I love your collection, and so appropriate for your anniversary! Wishing you a lovely Sunday & thank you for stopping by~ A


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