Thursday, May 26, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Sometimes, you realize that your deepest wish, your heart's desire, and that which you never thought possible was becoming your reality.  Many years ago, I dared to express out loud what my heart's desire was...and it is becoming apparent to me that this desire is indeed becoming a reality, at least in part.  I am grateful for the chance to live my dream and yet, it is terrifying.  I never actually thought I could live the artful life I am living (no, I haven't given up my day job, but my other life is becoming more and more prevalent).  I never thought the work of my hands and the yearnings of my heart would support me and my family, but it is becoming more and more important in my financial livelihood with Mr. FL not working.  We aren't solvent by any means, but we are hanging in there and I can thank, in part at least, my creative life for helping to keep us afloat.  The grace of God is the other piece of the puzzle.  I keep getting the gentle nudge that says, "Trust me to provide for you.  I will be faithful if only you will put your trust in me."  I must say, every time I get to feeling terrified and panicky, I get a big sale on one of my web venues or something else presents itself that makes me feel like it is a sign that I need to take a deep breath and stop worrying.  I need that, I will admit.  It feels great and yet,  I forget and then I begin to worry all over again.   I should grasp that everything will be fine, it just may not be look like what I think it should look like.  I need to get over the preconceived notions of what my life should be right now and accept what is and be grateful.  I admit, I struggle with that on an almost daily basis....but what is life without struggles, right?   I am trying very hard to remember that all we have is now and worrying about tomorrow is a waste of time, but it is so hard.  I've never been "here" before.  I've never had to rely on the Almighty to figure out how I'm going to pay my bills.  This is uncharted waters and yet, I see more and more opportunity for my creative life of art and antiques to become not only a hobby, but a source of my family's very existence.  So I go back to my blog title, "be careful what you wish for".  It is a double edged sword-wonderful and terrifying, all at the same time.  Satisfying at the end of the day.  Scary.  Warm. Cold.  Amazing.

Thanks for being such a great positive and creative source of energy for me and so many others.  You guys rock and you mean more to me than you know!

Until next time,
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  1. I hope you get every opportunity to make your dreams a reality! I also hope you have the chance to provide for your family in a creative and fulfilling way. God bless! X

  2. It sounds like you are on your way to making your dreams come true. I think it sounds like an exciting journey, a little scary at times, but inching towards being really wonderful. Always think that something I'm doing right now could be a step towards something else that I can't even envision yet...only God knows what it is.

    Best wishes ♥ tricia

    p.s. Thanks for adding my giveaway to your sidebar :)

  3. Your post gave me the chills, yet warmed my heart because of your FAITH. So many times, I wonder if I have that often comes during times of challenges when we have to reach deep into our souls and cry out for comfort and calm to our LORD...I am glad that your adventures are going well to keep you "afloat"...God will provide...I know that it is often hard to believe when you are anxious and is in our human nature to worry...just keep praying and He will guide you...I need to take my own advice sometimes problem, being still and quiet long enough to listen to HIS WILL, not my own...Love your blog...Tiffany

  4. Love hearing this! God is good and if we walk in His ways He gives us the desires of our heart. love and blessings,

  5. I admire your faith and strength Judy and am not surprised that your creativity is leading you down a new path! You inspire me.

  6. 'Wonderful and terrifying' at the same time. So true words about much of life's turns. What you're facing is daunting, Judy, but you DO have the talent to go down that creative road. I love visiting this blog to learn from you.
    Hang onto that steadfast Faith you have. It won't ever fail you.
    - Susan

  7. This is such a wonderful and inspiring post.... thanks for sharing!!!
    hugs~~ Daphne

  8. Hi Judy,

    Your post today is beautiful and I hope all your dreams cone true.
    Many blessings and hugs to you

    Carolyn xo

  9. Hi Judy! That is a wonderful post, good for you for all these amazing accomplishments!!!

    I have a question, I was reading your post about using the Sophisticated Finishes rusting kit. I'm thinking of using it when I make my headboard, I'm going to use faux tile then paint it and wanted to add this. My husband asked me "what if it rubs off when we put our pillows against it?". Do you think it will? I could always just go with glaze! I'd appreciate your help so much:)

  10. Victoria,

    I think I'd just put a clear coat over the top to give it some protection. It doesn't rub off easily, but I think a matte finish of poly or something might be a good thing, just to play it safe.



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