Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pretty But Random

Hello Friends,

Thank you so much for your uplifting positive comments after my last post.  You guys rock!  It really makes me feel like I am not alone...many of you have experienced not only job loss, but other trials in your life (I guess we all have-DUH!), but you keep your sunny outlook and you keep your face turned to the one who holds all of the answers...the architect of the universe.  I am feeling much better today and wanted to share with you some random prettiness.  I realize that we all have an area or two in our homes that we love and, hence, we take lots of photos of that area.  For me, I guess it is my white mantel.  I realize that I have showed you a ton of pictures of it in various reiterations, and here is....TA!DA! one or two more.  But this time, there's a catch.  The two tall candle holder things were created by little moi.  I read a tutorial here by the talented Rosemary encouraging me to use the little holy candles that you can find at, of all places, Wal Mart. I then dug through my stash of antique laces and found some pretty things to wrap around the candles. I put one crepe paper frill that I got from Etsy from sweet Angela's Etsy shop.  I finished one off with a scalloped heart made out of a page from an old French dictionary and added a punch out of an image of mother and child by Bouguereau that I just love and on the other one, I tied on a tag that I simply adore that was in my package from the very talented Michelle and her Etsy shop (seriously, what the heck did I do before Etsy???).  I think they turned out nice and they certainly go with the theme of my mantel, don't you think?

On a completely unrelated subject, here is my next bit of random pretty, the beautiful Bella.  She got her first shave haircut the other day.  It was pretty shocking since all of her black baby hair was cut off and I brought home a white and silvery gray dog.  We're getting used to it and, if I do say so, she is still a real cutie patootie.

I leave you with another mantle picture which shows exactly why I don't much mind cold winter nights at my house, despite the drafty old Victorian and the endless to do list.  Winter is a season and it is a part of life.  And you know, without it, we probably wouldn't appreciate spring and summer so much.  Hmmmm, good advice I say to myself.  My son read a book last year in school called Trouble Don't Last.  And winter doesn't either.  I think I will try to enjoy it and experience it, and then rejoice in the spring.  But I still feel a bunch of nights sitting in front of the fireplace are in my future.  And that's okay, too.

I'm linking up with Kathleen's White Wednesday.  If you love white, you need to stop over and check it out.

Until next time,

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  1. Love your mantel and the candles you transformed. Good job. Bella is so sweet looking, what a cutie. Hang in there--God never gives you more than you can handle, a saying I have repeated to myself on many occasions, and it always comes out true.
    Take care,

  2. Absolutely breathtaking and beautiful!!;)Love the chandelier in the background too~ Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  3. Wow, your mantle looks absolutely ethereal at night! Just beautiful and oh so magical! I love crafting with prayer candles, too, and yours turned out great! Love the tags, and all of your wonderful embellishments. And your pup is adorable:)

  4. ...hey sweets!
    love, Love, LOVE how YOUR holy candles turned out!!!
    Your mantle looks absolutely FABULOUS!!!
    ~ adore that cute little doggie friend of yours too:)
    xo, Rosemary

  5. What a beautiful post, Judy. My husband and I were just making similar comments about the long winter and how it makes us appreciate spring & summer all the more. I'm glad to hear your spirits are feeling a bit more uplifted. That gorgeous mantel of yours will do a world of good. It's so beautiful and spiritual, filled with unique creations from your talented hands and special friends. Certainly something to smile upon as you sit by the fire.
    Take care, Susan

  6. WOW, that last photo just knocked me out!!!

  7. how enchanting for me to stop in and read such lovely comments about "moi" and how you used a simple tag of mine on this gorgeous candle. you made my night my friend! MADE my night! Your mantle is ever so lovely. sigh...

  8. Hi Judy! Happy White Wednesday! Oh my...your mantle is simply amazing! I don't blame you for sharing it on multiple occassions! Your pup is adorable as well! I am going to follow you and look forward to seeing more of your victorian home and clever craftiness!
    Best Wishes,

  9. Your candles and mantle are lovely. The mirrors reflect a beautiful room and a beautiful spirit...yours! I read your previous post and I'll be adding my prayers to the others.
    Peace my friend.

  10. OMG, I LOVE everything... your mantle looks gorgeous! I'm loving the candles with the silver mixed in, and the reflection of the mirror... absolutely beautiful!!! Now something else that is beautiful, that sweet little Bella!
    Happy White Wednesday~~~ Daphne

  11. I love pretty and random pretty! All good.

  12. I too love your blog posting and the picture of your mirror with the candles reflecting in it. I must do that for myself right now. I think it's so beautiful!!!
    I know what it's like to loose a job these days. But hang in there. And keep posting!! It not only makes us happy, it makes you happy too!! Tootles for now. (ps, do stop by my blog, follow and leave a comment, you might win that darling birdnest!!!)

  13. Judy I LOVE your Mantle display and those Votive wraps are so creative! Thanks for stopping by my Old Door Post and leaving a humorous comment... yes, I completely approve! *WINK* Once when my Grand-Daughter and I were taking our walk with her Stroller I came across an Antique two drawer chest in perfect Shabby Chic condition laying curbside! I knew it was big garbage day and if I didn't act immediately it would end up in a landfill! *GASP* We dragged it Home on top of the umbrella portion of her Stroller... it was hilarious that balancing act... like Clowns from a Circus... we were quite the sideshow and it was a LONG walk Home. But I am so glad because I love that piece and it came in so handy for storage in a small Hallway. I've since seen similar pieces at Shops selling for almost $100 so it was quite a find.

    I'm so sorry to hear you're presently going through a difficult time, but glad that you've been encouraged and uplifted by the wonderful community here in Blogland. May things turn around for you soon... as one door closes another is ready to open and it has been my experience that it typically leads to greater Blessings!
    Dawn... The Bohemian

  14. Beautiful mantle display and You did a lovley job on the candleholders. Candles always give such warmth to a room. ~~Sherry~~

  15. Judy your mantle is beautiful! Such a pretty post for WW.
    I love the beautiful things you create. So, so lovely.

  16. Hello Judy,
    I am still praying for Mr. FL....WISDOM...he will have everything with wisdom
    Bella is so sweet...I have 2 fur grand babies just like her...Nova and Izzie...THEY LOVE TO COME STAY AT Grandma's....(NO HUMAN GRANDCHILDREN THOUGH).
    THE MANTLE IS STUNNING...the candles you made are just beautiful and look old world...the beautiful mirrors reflect the beauty of the creator...that would make a stunning pictorial...it would grab everyone's attention.
    Thank you for sharing my Dear one
    Simply Debbie

  17. You simply MUST share a photo of that salvaged Victorian Sink if you still have it? I'm so glad you saved it from the clutches of the Garbage Man... sometimes when I think of the Treasures that are obviously buried in some landfill it makes me sick! It's not that I want it all for myself, but for someone...anyone... to see what History and workmanship is being forever lost if it isn't at least offered for Salvage to those of us who would appreciate it and give it new life... such a tragic waste IMO. *stepping down now off soapbox* Sorry... hadda vent that... its such a passionate subject with me when there is no distinction between trash and real Treasures!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  18. Very pretty vignette ... and those puppy eyes just melt my heart!

  19. Judy I adore your candle creations, and the Madonna, so beautiful!!

    Cute puppy too!

    Art by Karena

  20. A beautiful collection so simply and chic-ly displayed. Love it, thanks for sharing,


  21. liebe Judy, du weißt am meißten hat das Hündchen es mir angetan, es ist so, Dank deiner Übersetzungsmöglichkeit konnte ich deine Gedanken, verfolgen, ja oft ist uns der Winter nicht gar freundlich, aber zum Glück können wir ihn nicht wegschieben, wie du sagst, ohne ihn würde man den Frühling nicht so lieben können...
    mit lieben Grüßen Jasmin

  22. Your mantle and candles are just dreamy!


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