Wednesday, October 27, 2010

White Wednesday Pumpkins and Such...

I decided to come on over and join the party for White Wednesday with my front parlor's primarily black and white Halloween decor.  I have to admit, I LOVE Halloween, but the orange isn't my favorite.  I mean, it is cute, but it doesn't really go in the all white and pastel room.  SO, I use a little natural decor and a little purchased decor and it all works.  Enjoy the photo mosaic I made and when you are done, pop on over to see Kathleen at Faded Charm for lots of other wonderful white posts.

Until next time,
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  1. Hi Judy
    I love it all.. I'm not one for orange either.. and have noticed lots of black & white halloween in blogland this week.. which I think looks great..

    Love the skull!! nice touch!! Have a great wednesday.. and thanks for your kind comments.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Hi Judy... thanks for stopping by my Post... yes, we are definitely kindred Spirits... as well as fellow insomniacs *wink*... too many years working 2nd Shifts has made me quite the Zombie, thank Heaven for Blogging huh?! *LOL* So... you have a stash of Vintage Velvets, Fabrics and Trims... that is DEFINITELY Bohemian Valhalla to me! Love your Halloween decor and I'm adoring your Pillows Banner... oooo la la...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I want all of it-it is super cool-love the pumkin guy with the hat!

  4. I really like the white thing going on now.

    I know it's pumpkin time but can;t wait for all the white Christmas showings.

  5. I love this! I did black and white's so elegant and spooky at the same time.


  6. I especially love the smiling pumpkin - so cute!


  7. When I still decorated for Halloween I used black and white also. Seeing how pretty this is makes me wish that I had not sold off nearly all of mine.

    Luckily I am able to still enjoy it here. :D


  8. Your blog is so full of inspiration and creativity! Thanks for your visit!

  9. Boo-tiful Halloween touches, Judy! I hope you parent teacher conferences go well!
    ~ Jo :)

  10. I love how you put the mini whites under the glass dome! I have two and put handmade dolls under them.

  11. Judy...I love it!!!!!!!!


  12. What a lovely vignette you've put on display. Pure eye candy!

  13. The pillows and lace in your header almost took my breath away! Thank you for the comment on my blog...this is my first visit to yours and your photos are beautiful!


  14. Hi Judy,

    I am not a big fan of orange, think I wore too much when I was young.
    Love all the cream and black Halloween decorations, especially the pumpkins and crow.

    Happy weekend

  15. Hi Judy, I love your halloween decor, I avoid the orange too, but I love the starknes of black!! The tiny mask on your statue is my favorite little touch, what a great detail!!
    Thanks so much for visiting , because I have so enjoyed my return visit!! Your blog is gorgeous, that dress down below with the lace up back is a heart pumper, just the lace is WOW!!

  16. Hi Judy,
    I love it all! Can't even pick a favorite-black & white is definitely the way to go. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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