Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Unintentional Collection

I have lots of collections, a fact I freely admit. Usually, I know from the moment I buy the second one of the item in question that I intend to have a collection. Not so with the cherubs. I was laying in bed the other day and looked around my bedroom...a few cherubs. I went downstairs to get my coffee and began looking around...hmmm, more cherubs. I made a comment to Mr. French Laundry that I thought I had a cherub collection. He said something to the effect of, "Duh! I knew that, didn't you? I've known that for a long time." Well, I DIDN'T know. Not sure how I missed that one, but I did. But, here for your perusal are a few of the little darlings that I found lurking around my home.

A Victorian painting...

A lamp...

A place to display some antique jewelry...

A pretty little girl who graces the top of my china cabinet...

Another lamp...

A clock...

A Victorian painted canvas wallhanging...


More candlesticks...

Our wedding cake topper (with pretty antique crown)...

A sweet little one who graces my bedroom window. I bought it years ago when shopping with my mother who is now deceased. I think of her whenever I look at it...

What collections do you have in your home that you never intended to collect but that's how it ended up? I'd love to hear your comments.

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  1. yes, oh yes, I'm cherub heavy, too!!!

    gotta love 'em
    these are some of the best I've seen.


  2. these cherubs are just lovely...and yes I also have a collection of cherubs, they are all over the place...even my wallpaper in my bathroom is full of them...

  3. Beautiful collection...My weakness is roosters but I'm very fussy ~ if it doesn't "speak" to me it's not invited home.
    ~ Rebecca

  4. What would life be without our collections, your are lovely!! I got your note, and I asked John what it was on our walls,we did it when we first bought our house, in 1989...soooo hes not sure, but it was a plaster and he put it on with a spatula to get the texture, the only thing I remember about it was the smell!!! It had a really strong, nasty odour to it and it took days for it to dry...hope that helps, sorry !! Glad you like it though, thanks take care, Chrissy

  5. Oh my gosh! That is so amazing that we posted about the same thing on the same day! yes...great minds think alike!!!

    Your cherubs are beautiful!

  6. LOL! This is the second cherub collection post I've read in 24 hours, LOL! I just bought the most beautiful cherub bird feeder!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you like the "Wild Thing" post, LOL! GROOVY!!! ;)

  7. So funny...that is how my collection of clocks was. I didn't realize how many I had.

  8. I'm reading a book right now called "The Angel Bible" by Hazel Raven. Perhaps your angels have been collecting you :-) Lovely entry.

  9. OK, so you have a few cherubs... but, who's counting. Hee Hee. Loved his response. My favorites are the gold candleholder & the lamp. I have a number of cherubs around my house too (but, I don't collect them). :) Thank you for stopping to visit on Outdoor Wednesday.

  10. These are quite fashionable cherub pieces... I adore the combination of jewelry on that beautiful cherub.
    ENJOY your day!


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