Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day & Welcome to the Party...

Happy Valentine's Day from French Laundry (that's me) to you! I had this phenomenal ALMOST vision of this post in my head ever since Lesley over at Flatwoods Folk Art said she was hostessing this fun party. "In my head" and "almost" being the key words. Now it is time to post, and, like so many of you out there, I'm coming down with some sort of crud; sore throat, cough, you know the drill. So, this will be my attempt, after which I will grab my pillow and blankie and assume the position.

What does one think of on Valentine's Day? Romance, beauty, and love all come to mind. I think of my Mr French Laundry who's a pretty darn special guy. I think of my sweet boys who are definitely the apple of my eye, even when they're a wee bit naughty. And then I think of nostalgic Valentine's, roses (of course), and pretty vignettes. France comes to mind because it is home to Paris, one of the world's most romantic cities. Sweet cherubs and a general softening of your usual look...I present to you a few of my personal favorite things. What are your favorite Valentine things/traditions/memories? I'd love to read your comments...Creamy white roses- my all time favorites and certainly an elegant and romantic look for Valentine's Day or any day.

A vintage inspired Valentine I made for a Valentine's swap. The ruffle is a piece of brown tissue paper that I gathered up since I was sans crepe paper. I think it turned out nice and it was sure fun to do (especially the glitter!).

An antique Raphael Tuck Valentine sold recently on Ebay by my friend Denise.

The prettiest antique Valentine EVER, also recently sold by Denise, Ebay seller winter-garden. I tried unsuccessfully to score this one, so I guess pictures will have to do.

This is one of the places I'd like to have my "you are here" mark on.

Ahhhh, Paris...

An adorable little birdie that was made in kit form by Junque Art. SO cute!

A stunningly beautiful vintage iridescent perfume bottle with Aurora Borealis rhinestone top, available from me , seller name french*laundry.

The list could go on and on of my favorite things, but I want to leave you time to go by and visit the other participants in the Valentine's shindig, so I'll stop now. Besides that, I'm pooped. I hope you get to spend Valentine's Day with those who matter most to you.

Until next time,

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  1. Happy Valentine's day! This is beautiful post..

  2. You know I adore ROSES, all 140of them in our yard! I've seen a variety of Valentine cards featured on various blogs. Yours is the most exquisite one I've seen. When I first saw the photo, I thought you were going to say it was another vintage card. A beautiful collection of Valentine romance

    Sweet Valentine Wishes,

  3. I am transported right to your kitchen table...let's chat!!!

    Oh, and I'll have one order of pink roses, please

  4. these valentine cards are soooooooo lovely...Love your photographs and the Paris photograph fills me with hope for a visit this summer...

  5. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you feel better. I came from Lesley's site.

  6. Happy Valentines Day...Get some rest....get well soon...Thank you for sharing all the lovely romantic goodies! Blessings...Julie

  7. Happy Valentines Day!!
    Beautiful wishes!
    Be sure to stop by my blog and enter the drawing for my Steampunk Heart!

  8. You pretty much hit on all my favorites! Love your blog and so glad I stopped by!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!


  9. Wonderful post! I'd also like to go to Paris :)
    Happy Valentine's Day :)

  10. Your Vintage Valentine photos are gorgeous! How nice of your friend to let you use the photos so we could all see them at the Blog party! Your Valentine you made is GORGEOUS! So is that bottle. You make lovely things! Happy Valentine's day to you and yours! :)

  11. Happy Valentine's Day!! You've got some beautiful images on here! Just wonderful!

  12. Beautiful! Love the roses and that brown tissue works! I love your blog and have bookmarked it for future visits.
    Please, come on over and leave a comment for my giveaway drawings!

    Have a great Valentines Day!
    Lots of Love your way!

    rebecca ~ justgiddy

  13. Judy! These roses are beautiful and I love that valentine you made! Exquisite!!!

  14. What a lovley post!! Full of inspiration, thanks!! Chrissy

  15. GORGEOUS!!!!!! Roses are stunning! Tower is FAB always! Chandelier beautiful!
    Hope you ENJOYED your Valentines weekend!

  16. I may need to leave for Paris TONIGHT after that picture!



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