Thursday, May 17, 2012

This Week's Tresors and a Couple of Quick Projects

Gee, I feel like I've not been doing much but show and tell of my shopping pursuits lately.  While that may be true, I do want to show you what I found last weekend.  The photo above shows the sugar dish of the sugar and creamer I found.  It is so pretty and would you believe I found it at a yard sale?  For $1 for both pieces?  I didn't need it, but how could I refuse?  I rarely find anything like that for that kind of price.  I fell in love with those roses~ YUM!

The other pieces I got at a new European market that they are trying to get started here in my town.  It was cool and I found a few goodies.

How cool is this doorknob?  Yes, Michelle, I will be making an inspiration holder with it. 

I simply cannot seem to resist pretty vintage millinery pieces...

or pretty lace.

Isn't this just the sweetest little pincushion?

J'adore the pretty pins that will be added to my "stash" for when I begin rocking the jewelry maker thing.  Whenever that might be... My girlfriend had the two pins on the cards in her booth.  Isn't it cute how she dolled up the cards they are on?

I was utterly enchanted by this little shelf and she's already gotten a makeover with my first attempt at Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.  I'll show you that later.

An exquisite antique silk glove box. 

A set of Victorian curtain rods.  I'm going to try to put them in my studio.  If they don't work, they may end up in my Etsy shop. I've always wanted some of these and the chippy white with the gold peeking through just called my name.

I was really in love with that little shelf, so I couldn't wait to do it up the way I wanted it with the ASCP sample pots I bought.  You'd think that with all of the hype online about the chalk paint that I would have known exactly what to do, but as usual, I just kind of did my own thing and flew by the seat of my pants.  All in all, I like the way it turned out.  I hadn't planned on it being quite so distressed looking, but obviously, that's what spoke to me because that is how I did it!  Here is before once again...

And here is after...

I just love all the little details of this shelf, don't you?  I find it's form very pleasing to my eyes.

I did another mini-redo this week.  I'm not sure it is really blogworthy, but I will show you anyway.  I have these old sconces in my bathroom which I love.  I added the little shades many years ago and spruced them up with the green trim.

The shades had started to yellow and were looking a little shabby, not so chic, so when I saw this awesome button trim at Hobby Lobby, I knew what I wanted to do.  Honestly, had some new white linen shades just fallen into my lap, I probably would have purchased them and started fresh, but I wasn't much in the mood for hunting for these little guys, so I got out my trusty craft paint in a soft white and some additive that you use to make craft paint fluid enough to paint on fabric.  Delta makes it I think, and it is quite handy to have on hand.  I painted the shades so they were once again white, left the green trim where it was because I still like it, and glued on the new trim to the underside of the shade.  It adds a touch of whimsy so I'm happy. 

 It still looks like it could maybe use a little something else, but since these are the primary source of light on either side of the sink, I decided to leave well enough alone, at least for now.  I didn't want to interfere with their light casting abilities.  Maybe a tone on tone all over stencil would work?  For today, I'm calling it good enough.  It probably isn't my most exciting project, but it is done, which is more than I can say for most of the ideas that have been rattling around in my head but haven't yet been tackled.

Hope you all have a good weekend tackling some of your own spring projects.

Until next time,

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  1. Those shades are adorable!

  2. really got some great things! What a deal on the china pieces! I am totally loving the shelf and how you redid it. I haven't tried to use the ASCP yet but I love seeing what everyone else is doing with it. Great job, the distressing is perfect!

    Have a great weekend! :)


  3. I love your little painted shelf. You did her proud. And those china pieces are unbelievable. You got a lot of great finds including those little lamp shades at the end- xo Diana

  4. With all that sweet stuff you can't go wrong, and the shelf looks great!

  5. I love the treasures you found and your projects!

  6. Fun to see your finds. I like the little shelf and the button addition to the shades is very clever.

  7. Lots of fun shopping and painting! I can't wait to see the new European market. Fun projects you have been doing.


  8. Judy, I think your new look shades are unique,I really like them. Great finds too. That market sounds like fun xxx

  9. Judy, that's two more than I've got done...which btw look fantastic.
    All your finds are beautiful. I need to start lookin' at something besides boat anchors!

  10. Fun stuff! That shelf really did turn out cute:)...and the it as is or as an inspiration holder...either way, it has gorgeous details!

  11. Judy I love the shelf, it has a quarto foil look about French now that you painted it! It's perfect, good debut attempt with ASCP! I know Bedford well, home of Marshall's, the first one in Massachusetts, my mom took us all for our school clothes there in the 70s. It's a pretty community~call me if you are ever in the area!

  12. You scored some really fabulous treasures, Judy! I love your shelf transformation. Don't feel bad about not knowing what to do with the ASCP. I STILL haven't used chalk paint yet. ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope you'll join the fun each week. Be sure to stop in tonight, and see yourself featured.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  13. I am so glad that Debra introduced you on her blog today! Love all of your beautiful treasures! I recently sold two beautiful vintage madonnas, and I'm sad now I didn't keep one. :( maybe I'll come across another down the road! Looking forward to more of your posts.

  14. Hi, I'm over from Brambleberry and sooo glad I came. I LOVE all your finds here and especially lovin' that little shelf. You did a heck of a job on it. i have one, not nearly as pretty as yours, but I am going to paint it, too. I have NO idea how to distress it as you did yours, but, I'll try it.
    Thanks for the inspiration.:)
    xo bj
    O, and I am linking to follow in both Google and Linky Friends...
    xo bj

  15. Got linked with Google but didn't see a Linky Friend link....:)

  16. Fabulous treasures. The shelf is awesome. I came from Brambleberry and it's a pleasure to find you.
    The lamp shades are so cute. I am your newest follower. I hope you sop in for a visit.

  17. Hi Judy! Stopping by from Common Ground and I have to say you found quite the STASH of vintage goodies!! I love the victorian curtain rods. I have a pair as well and they didn't come with the original brackets to hang them. One of my vendor friends showed me how she uses them in her booth though and it has worked out perfectly! I'm currently using them in my studio to hang my dyed slip dresses but you could use the idea anywhere....if you like the look of shutters. Most shutters (the type that were originally used as bi-fold doors anyway) have a hole in each corner up on the very top. You don't see the hole from the front. Well, the bent end of the victorian curtain rods slip right down into was one of those "Wow! that's crazy but yaaay!" moments when she showed me this. She hangs sheer or lace panels from hers in her antiques booth and uses it as a divider. Maybe this will give you a few ideas or spark some of your own......would hate to see those beautiful rods go away :)


  18. Inquiring minds need to know if you bought that creamer and sugar bowl to smash for mosaics?



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