Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Showers Also Bring May Flowers...

Hello Bloggie Friends,

Not much to talk about this week.  I just spent a little time playing around with the camera as I clipped some blooms from our snowball bush.  I just love it when it blooms.  The Lily of the Valley is blooming too!  I need to snap some photos of it also-unfortunately, they don't last very long but the fragrance is so pretty, it makes me happy just to go out in the backyard. 

Some of the blooms fell off as I was handling the stems and I thought they were kind of neat, so I played around with them, arranging them on a couple of my favorite books. 

OK, here is the obligatory spring flower bouquet in the aqua Mason jar.  I know it's been done a zillion times, but I haven't done it before now, so bear with me.

 So, I also played around in the photo editing programs the other day and made a new blog header.  I love my old one, but I thought it might be fun to change it up a little for a while.  What do you think? 

Until next time,

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  1. Your blog header looks nice. I need to change mine up a bit. Love your snowball branches in your blue ball jar. Tomorrow I am going to copy your arrangement--so pretty!

  2. Well, no matter how many times it's been done, your snowball bush blooms look gorgeous in that aqua jar!! Spring is so beautiful! ~Lorraine

  3. Love love this photos!
    Have a nice day

  4. Was thinking...ooh I like this blog header and then you said it was's delightful. I love your photos. Can I ask what camera you use? I am buying a new one very soon.
    Thanks for sharing, it's always a delight reading your latest post.

    1. Hi Ellena Elizabeth,

      I use a Canon Rebel XSi. I've been very pleased with it since day one. Great camera for the money.


  5. Nice header. I just love the snowballs in the turquise vase. Have a nice day.


  6. The snowballs look lovely in the aqua jar and I never tire of seeing photographs of them. Love the new header!!

  7. Judy,
    I am loving your new header.But I did like your other header too.I just changed mine too.Change for the seasons is good right.I will never get tired of blue ball jars and flowers no matter how many times I see it.Your photos are lovely.

  8. I was just blessed with a beautiful bouquet of lily of the valley, snowballs and japanese irises from my wonderful neighbor! Lucky me! They are in an old McCoy vase on the mantle :) I have a spirea bush but I'm sure there is room somewhere in the yard for a snowball bush! I have been crazy busy and have missed much in blogland, so I'm hoping to play a little catch up in the next couple of days! Your photos are beautiful...Happy Wednesday! t.xoxo

  9. I love your "playtime with flowers." Isn't it fun? And your photos are beautiful. Love the old book, The Lady of the Lake.

  10. I love your snowball bush. We had a huge one on the farm in PA...but I have never seen them here in our area of the Midwest. I always loved seeing it in bloom. I love that Lady Of The Lake book- What an amazing cover. I hope you had a great day- xo Diana

  11. Wow Judy! Your photos are soo lovely! I love all of them, but especially the one with the lace corner and the wood! Such great textures!!
    Have a lovely Thursday!

  12. Gorgeous photographs!! I really love your banner too :)

  13. I noticed your new header right is really pretty!! I LOVE the snowball in aqua...I SO need to plant one.

  14. Gorgeous blooms in the fabulous blue jars!! Love it!


  15. Love your new header! Gorgeous spring blossoms....does not matter how many times I see blossoms in an aqua vase! They continue to be fresh and lovely.

  16. LOVE your new header Judy!!
    Your flowers looks so beautiful ~ enjoy your weekend!


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