Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's Always Mermaid Season at French Laundry

I know that most people out here in Blogland and everywhere else are showing off their fall decor, but please indulge me with a final summery thing.  It is truly my favorite season and I would love to have an endless summer if I could.  But I digress.  One of the things I do with some regularity is dress these old bisque dolls from the 20's and 30's.  It gives me a chance to use some of my beautiful antique ribbon and flower hoard supplies.  The dolls usually come "nekid", so it is fun to get them all dressed in their finery to once again face the world with beauty and grace.  The dolls inspire me with everything from the color of their eyes to the way their hair is done and usually I take a look at my stash and something jumps out at me as THE theme for a particular doll.  This little gal whispered in my ear that she longed to be a mermaid.  I had the great zig zag lace trim which in my mind translated into the bottom of a mermaid skirt.  Several pretty antique silk ribbons, some fun trim and, of course, seashells and pearls came together to dress my little gal.  She's destined to be listed on Our Cottage Garden in the next few days, but I thought I would take an opportunity to share her with you and with Beverly and her Pink Saturday participants.  There's sure to be a lot of pink yumminess there, so stop on over and have a look.

Love those little shells.  I knew they'd come in handy sometime...

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  1. Oh what a darling! HPS! My grandmother use to crochet clothing for little kewpie dolls! I have one somewhere in storage but she plastic. But her lil blue dress was handmade by my grandmother when I was a small child. Aw..this is sweet. Anne

  2. Hi Judy,

    With your sweet Mermaid, it would seem like summer is still there, she is beautiful and love the shells in her hair.

    Happy weekend

  3. Your little mermaid is very summery and you added so many adorable details.
    I am so OVER summer. I am longing for the cooler days. No more 80's, I am done with them! I love fall and being from Vermont I really miss the rain. Happy Fall!


  4. I have one of these girlios ... but so far she prefers standing around in her birthday suit. Love your pretty French ribbonwork pieces.

  5. I love Love love her,clever you. I am a new follower x

  6. Hi Judy,
    She is so beautiful!! I love her little sea shell crown!! What a wonderful creation!
    Thanks so much for following me again on my old blog, I truly appreciate it!
    Hope you have a beautiful Sunday.

  7. SO sweet! I love her zig-zag trim, too! She's happy to have been in your creative hands, Judy.
    - Susan

  8. Judy your little mermaid is DARLING! Her tiara of shells made me smile. Isn't it fun to get into the stash sometimes and turn out some pretties???? and you've done just that!

  9. Judy she is a little beauty!
    Love the little seashell crown!
    I vote for endless summer too!


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