Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekend Treasure Hunting

Hello Friends,

I thought I'd take a break from altering costumes for my son's Shakespeare play (yes, 5th graders doing Shakespeare-and they do it well!  Does that rock or what?), to say hello and show you a few of my finds from over the weekend.  I did a little thrifting and a lot of antiquing and came up with quite a few treasures, some for me, some for sale.  I am only showing you the white or white-ish ones since it is, after all, White Wednesday, possibly my favorite day of the week!  Least productive day of the week since I spend WAY too much time hopping around looking at all of the pretties, but still my fav!  ANYWAY, I scored the beautiful little glass apothecary jar shown above and below.  I saw it and just knew it had to be my new mother of pearl button container.  It's going to look great in my studio.

I got a set of 4 of these pretty little doilies.  I will use them for some project down the road.  Or maybe just enjoy them as doilies, who knows?  I think its important to keep an open mind, right?  My husband would tell me we could go broke keeping our minds so open, but he doesn't have to know everything!

I paid a lot for the heart shaped doily, but I have never seen a heart shaped doily before and I do have a special place in my HEART for heart shapes, so it just had to be.  I think this would be great incorporated into an altered blouse or in a beautiful Magnolia Pearl inspired purse or tote.  What do you think?
Or maybe into a lovely pillow inspired by my very talented blogging friend Rene' . Hmmmmm....  No Rene, I'm sorry, this one is mine.

These beautiful earrings are going to be cannibalized for their incredible beads and will be made into a necklace along with some of their vintage jewelry friends that I have been hoarding collecting for a year or so.  Well, no, I've never actually made a piece of jewelry, but I do have a couple of great books and I need to have a stash in order to get the proper inspiration, right?  Yeah, I think that's what the poor folks on that show "Hoarders" probably said 15 years prior to being "featured" on the show. Yikes!  There but for the grace of God...

This beautiful little fella (or maybe gal) almost didn't get picked up because of his very gold paint job.  But when I walked over and really looked at the detail, I realized that it just had to come home with me.  I will do a little makeover on him/her and subdue the paint a bit.  I'd like to leave a little of the gold and silver peeking through though. Any thoughts?  Email me or just comment on this post if you have any ideas on how to do this.  Come on, you gals are the most innovative, creative, and talented  people on the planet, I know you know.  (smile)

Just love the detail on that sweetie.  Ivy crown (or is it grape leaves?  A horticultural genius I am not, I leave that to my brilliant husband), bird's nest in the hand, sweet face... does it get any better?  Well, after a little make over it does, but other than that, I think not.

I almost fainted when I saw this incredible vanity tray.  Nuff said.


Lastly, the thrift store was a bit of a dud where home goods were concerned, but where clothing was concerned, I was pleased.  Check out this gorgeous top from one of my fav stores, White House Black Market.  I couldn't buy it fast enough.  Love its lace detail and the color is divine.  I'm thinking "date night".

Well ladies, must rock and roll.  I'm linking up with Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday.  YAY!

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Until next time,

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  1. You found the bestest stuff! Love the heart, the tray, the statue. Don't know how to redo the statue unless you can wash off some of the paint. I got lucky and did that. You made me giggle about the jewelry and hoarder comment. Yep. I think most of us can say the same thing.

  2. That vanity tray is stunning!!! I found two heart shaped doilies once and I am hoarding them! Love this share today. Visiting from WW!

  3. Nothing but lovelies here! But that lace tray and heart doily are really special

  4. Beautiful finds Judy~ That top is gorgeous!;) Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  5. What gorgeous finds! Aww, that new little sweetie is just precious. I love your new top, it's exquisite!

    I'm happy I found your blog~

  6. What is it about white buttons? good grief they're addictive. and I have the same little lacey glass tray thingy. love all your finds and hey, have fun on date night!

  7. found some great things, Judy!! I never have such luck. Well I have a lot of doilies, but that's what I use them for!! I think your statue is going to be fabulous, please share it with us after you have changed it up!


  8. Hi Judy, Lots of great finds! Your buttons look gorgeous in their new/old jar; I look forward to seeing your jewelry creations, and I also love White House Black Market. Last year I bought a new sweater for spring; and it was my all-time favorite all summer long. Your top definitely looks like a date night! :)
    ~ Julie

  9. Hi Judy, I'm a new follower of your beautiful blog! I Love all of your treasures...the jar with your buttons is so lovely and the statue is just so sweet and I'm with you, swooning over that beautiful tray! Looks like your weekend was amazing!
    So happy to have found your blog!

  10. Oh my! You have a fabulous thrifty place to shop. Loved it all!!!!! (PS. IS that your 1920's ribbon work piece I just saw on ebay? That is an amazing item!)

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  11. Hi Judy...your treasures are wonderful! That tray is beautiful and so is that top!

  12. Absolutely beautiful, and adore the vanity mirror and lace blouse. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for such sweet comments when you visited earlier and also to let you know the pillows in your header are absolutely gorgeous.

  13. I love the jar of buttons sitting on the old books. Everything is so nice...great finds! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment!

  14. Such an eye you have Judy! I love the buttons in your thrift store jar, and the blouse will be gorgeous for a date night. So impressive about your son's Shakespeare play, too!
    - Susan

  15. Hello, I just found your blog and am so glad! It is lovely and your header is gorgeous! Just love everything I see here. I am your newest follower.

  16. Thanks for visiting me today from white Wednesday. I knew I was going to love your blog as soon as the header came up. Beautiful! I just became a follower.

  17. Making jewelry isn't very difficult-it's always the decisions about the beads that slows me down. Also, have you ever tried a pearlized paint over the gold statue? I get cheap stuff at HobLob on clearance and change the color by using that. Sometimes it makes a piece look more platinum than white, but I like it. I look for the metallic colors by the Delta Ceramcoat bottles. ♥♫


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