Thursday, April 23, 2009

Maybe it's just spring...

Okay, I don't know if its just the hint of impending spring or what, but I'm feeling restless in my decor. I've always loved my home, small though it is, but after almost 10 years in the same place, I'm feeling like its time for a change. I've been getting inspired from places like Pottery Barn for my family room and am leaning towards darkish chocolate (maybe milk chocolate) walls for my "pretty room" otherwise known as the living room or, as it was called in the Edwardian era, the "entry hall". I'm also getting anxious to renovate our home office and rip up that hideous carpet upstairs and rearrange my son's room, and...okay, you see where this is going. And then there's the studio we are building. Now that, I envision as a Nordic French kinda fusion. As illustrated in Franske stemninger på nordisk vis, a beautiful book printed in Danish only which has so many stunning pictures, you don't need to read it. Although if you could read Danish, it would be handy. The name translates to "French Atmosphere in the Nordic Way" and it is a very pretty combo. to pay some bills. Reality, you know? Anybody else out there feeling restless?

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  1. I know how you feel, if I could I would wipe the slate clean and start all over. We have been in our tiny house for 20 years, so it could do with a major freshen up...oh well, I will just keep changing things around I guess, at least it keeps it fresh! Great post, all the best, Chrissy

  2. There is something about Spring that makes you want to change everything, isn't there? It is as if the shades have been raised and you see everything with fresh eyes. Those photos are gorgeous!

  3. I think the term "feeling inspired" instead of restless sounds more hopeful {wink wink}
    good luck with your changes...

  4. Totally! I love my home, but I'm ready for a new interpretation of it. Not in a "toss it all overboard and start again" way, just an infusion of lightness, airyness. I'm going to be carrying some things from Denmark soon in my store and you can be sure much of it will end up in my house! :)


  5. I certainly feel the same way....ready to start anew with some fresh looks! The pictures of your home are just lovely though....want to trade? Your blog is beautiful...
    Be well, Laura

  6. I'm always restless, that's why I had to open a shop! I love the pictures...just beautiful!

  7. hi judy,

    i don't know if i'm quite restless but i've been there for sure. i am itching to get working on our outside a bit and our boys' room.

    all of your plans sound wonderful. keep us posted for sure!

    pottery barn is having some really good sales right now. check the clearance online.


  8. We have lived in our home for six years and even already I want to make little changes.

  9. I am feeling the exact same way about my decor and I have only been here about a year and half. I already started switching everything and cleaning all the dust bunnies. So much beautiful inspiration shown here...wish mine could end up like these photos!

  10. I've lived in my same small "cottage" for 10 years. I finally have it the way I like it. But it's seen loads of paint in it's day. My husband is probably happy I'm over my "pink walls" stage. Now I have everything cream, and I accent with color. I enjoyed your entry. The book sounds fabulous.


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